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Zoom Licenses

Zoom Licenses

Zoom Licenses for Troops Are Here!

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is providing Zoom licenses for all our troop leaders to make leading your troop in the 21st-century easier than ever!  Any eligible leader, co-leader, or troop volunteer may request to receive a license for their troop by completing the opt-in survey.

Troop Zoom License Eligibility

Troops are eligible to opt-in to receive a Zoom license if:

  • A troop has a leader and at least one co-leader unrelated to the leader registered for the 2022 membership year.
  • The troop leader and at least one unrelated co-leader have passed their background checks.
  • The leader and at least one unrelated co-leader have renewed their volunteer roles for 2022.
  • If a troop volunteer other than the leader/co-leader is requesting the Zoom license on behalf of their troop, they must also have passed their background check and renewed their volunteer role for 2022.


Requesting a Troop Zoom License

Troops will be provided with a Zoom license within one week of submitting the request via the opt-in survey, provided the troop is eligible. Please verify eligibility before submitting your request to ensure your license is not delayed. Only one Zoom license per troop is available and will be issued to the eligible volunteer who completes the opt-in survey on behalf of their troop.

When requesting a Zoom license, please note:

  • In addition to being registered for the 2022 membership year, the volunteer requesting the Zoom license on behalf of their troop must also have renewed their volunteer role (leader or co-leader) for 2022.
  • Only one Zoom account may be requested per volunteer email address, but this account may be used for multiple troops.
  • If you already have a personal Zoom account and use the same email address to request a troop Zoom license through GSEM as you use for your personal Zoom account, the troop Zoom license will overwrite your personal Zoom account information. We suggest using different email addresses for your personal Zoom account and your troop’s Zoom license.
Resources for Successful Virtual Meetings

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and GSUSA provide many resources for leaders to plan and deliver fun and engaging virtual meetings for their troops.

  • To learn the ins and outs of Zoom and virtual troop meetings, check out these courses from GSUSA available in gsLearn.
    • Zoom for Girl Scouts
    • Facilitating Virtual Troop Meetings
  • For ideas and tips to engage every level of girl in your virtual troop meetings, visit Girl Scouts at Home
  • Spice up your virtual meetings with the fun Girl Scout backgrounds below.
Girl Scout Backgrounds

  • Trefoil Glitter
  • Trefoil Glitter
  • Trefoil Navy
  • GSEM Servicemark
  • GSEM Servicemark
  • GSEM Servicemark
  • Trefoil Pink
  • Rainbow
  • Trefoil Green Background
  • Trefoil Green Background
  • Trefoil Green Background
  • Daisy Zoom Background

We are excited to offer modern resources like Zoom for our troop leaders as they continue to encourage our Girl Scouts to think creatively and act boldly.