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Treats & Reads Program

The Fall Product Program is now Treats & Reads!

Treats & Reads is a Girl Scout Council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money-earning opportunities for girls and troops. This allows girls to fund extraordinary adventures and service projects and purchase badges and uniforms, all while learning skills that are essential to leadership and to life: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Treats & Reads offers new and renewed magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and candy and has a community service project, Project Thank You, which allows customers to gift a treat to several, local nonprofit partner organizations. By purchasing or participating in the program you are supporting our Girl Scouts and their troops – thank you!

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Key Dates

Treats & Reads runs from Sept. 24 - Nov. 22, 2020.

Sept. 24

Girls Early Bird M2 Access

Sept. 26

Treats & Reads GO Day


Order Card Orders Due & Girl Delivery Online Ordering Ends

Oct. 19-Nov. 22

Online Orders for Donation & Direct Shipped Continue

Nov. 22

Program Ends


Project Thank You Challenge
Starting 10/27/20, join our Project Thank You Challenge for a chance for girls and a troop to win fun prizes and support our nonprofit partners. 

  • The girl with the most Project Thank You units donated between 10/27 and the last day of the season 11/22 will win a Giant Plush Sasha the Sloth! 
  • The next ten girls with highest number of units donated during this time will win Super Sloth Swag Bags. 
  • The troop with the highest percentage increase of Project Thank You donations will receive winter weather accessories for all girls selling in their troop plus two adult volunteers to get ready for this year’s Cookie Season!
  • Any girl recording Project Thank You donations through the M2 Digital Storefront will be entered to win, prizes will be based on number of units donated.

Need some inspiration? Check out the Project Thank You Toolkit

Getting Started in Treats & Reads

Get Started with Treats & Reads
Learn how to get started with Treats & Reads!

Treats & Reads Rewards
Calling all super sellers! What will your Treats & Reads goals be this year? Check out our rewards and get your sale started! 

Creating Your Best Treats & Reads Digital Marketing Video and Rewards Unboxing Program Recording
Check out our program recording for a quick demo on setting up your M2 storefront, tips and strategies on creating a great marketing video, and a Treats & Reads rewards unboxing.

Treats & Reads Product Flyer
Learn more about the 2020 Treats & Reads products available to order! Girls can use this information sheet to advertise their participation or to provide customers a way to select products and minimize contact without sharing their order card.

M2 Media Group’s Avatar Builder
Get excited about Treats and Reads by creating a custom avatar on M2! Please note, an avatar you create this way will not automatically link to your account when you log in.

M2 Media Tipsheet for Entering Orders
Entering Paper Orders into the M2 online Program - a guide for Families.

Project Thank You
Let your customers know about the opportunity to donate treats to our non-profit partners with Project Thank You!

Questions? Contact the Answer Center at 314.400.4600 or

Treats & Reads Customers

Product Information
Learn more about the 2020 Treats & Reads products available to order!

Nutritional and Allergy Information
For full nutritional and allergy information, please visit the Ashdon Farms website.

Fall Product Volunteers

Troop Fall Product Manager Guide
All the information you will need to help your troop run a successful Treats & Reads sale – from product information to technical tips.

Treats & Reads FAQ for Volunteers
Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Treats & Reads program.

Reward Opt-Out
Please indicate your Cadette, Senior or Ambassador troop’s request to opt out of traditional rewards in the Treats & Reads and/or Cookie Programs. Remember, for each program the troop is responsible for selecting to opt out in M2 or eBudde before Go Day per the instructions provided in the product program manager’s guide. The troop is also responsible for keeping signed documentation on the opt-out vote.

Troop Material Request
Troop Leaders should complete this form if their Neighborhood Fall Product Manager does not have any remaining extra supplies

Product Program COVID Booth Protocol/Safe Program Participation Guidelines & Ideas
This must-read guide includes the approved process for Treats & Reads booths this fall, as well as guidance and ideas/tips for safely taking orders online and in-person, and guidance for safe product delivery. 

Treats & Reads Booth Partner Letter
Troops that wish to have a Treats & Reads booth need to print this letter and take with them/share with any business at which they wish to host a booth. Once secured, please report your Treats & Reads booths via the
online form.

2021 VIP Cookie Booth Access
Troops participating in this year's Treats & Reads Program will have the opportunity to earn VIP access to available cookie booths during 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Tips for Ordering Extra Treats & Reads Product
While Treats & Reads booths are typically less popular, some troops may choose to order extra products to sell at booths or to accommodate their troop’s selling habits. 

Clover Go App

Clover Go is a credit card processing app available for all troops and all girls to use during product programs! This means troops and girls will be able to accept credit cards at booths and when taking orders in person. All funds are directly deposited into the troop banking account making it fast, easy, and efficient to accept credit cards! Volunteer training for Clover Go is available in gsLearn.

Clover Go FAQ
Clover Go Frequently Asked Questions.

Clover Go Family Guide
These Clover Go instructions provide screenshots and tips for setting up Clover Go for girls in order to process transactions. The troop will send out an email via Clover to invite families to set up to accept Clover payments.

Clover Go Troubleshooting
This Clover Go guide will help with some of the more common errors that could be experienced while using Clover Go. If experiencing technical difficulties not addressed here please contact the Clover support team Mon-Fri, 8am-10pm EST at 855.276.5008.


Keep your Clover Go transactions professional by downloading the Girl Scouts of Eastern MIssouri logo here and adding it to your app so it appears on all of your receipts!

Training/How-To Videos

Troop Fall Product Manager training is available on gsLearn, which is accessible by clicking MyGS at the top of this webpage. Throughout the program, microburst trainings will be posted here with quick tips and reminders for upcoming program steps.

For Families


Getting Started and Setting Up Your Storefront
A quick-start guide to setting up your M2 Storefront and starting the Treats & Reads season!



Girl Entry of Order Card
A quick guide to entering your paper order card orders to the M2 system. 


For Volunteers


Scheduling Product Pick Up
How to schedule your Product Pick Up in the M2 system. 



Troop Entry of Order Cards
Information for Troop Fall Product Managers entering paper orders for girls in their troop. 

Business Branding Toolkit
Business Branding Toolkit

Business Branding Toolkit
This branding toolkit will help guide Girl Scouts and their families through the program—explore its content and use these resources to help your Girl Scout develop her growing business skills. Download graphics, social media posts and more below!

Profile Covers

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Project Thank You Toolkit
Project Thank You Toolkit

Project Thank You Toolkit
Promoting Project Thank You is a great way to boost your sales and reach your goals these next few weeks in a safe, contactless way. Download social media posts below!

Social Posts

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