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Treats & Reads

Treats & Reads Program

Thank You for Participating in Treats & Reads!

Your participation in Treats & Reads allows girls to fund extraordinary adventures and service projects and purchase badges and uniforms, all while learning skills that are essential to leadership and to life: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Product Nutritional Information

For full nutritional and allergy information, see the Ashdon Farms website.

Treats & Reads Volunteers
Troop Treats & Reads Manager 2021 Training Guide

Troop Treats & Reads Manager Training Guide
All the information you will need to help your troop run a successful Treats & Reads sale – from product information to technical tips.

Looking for resource you've used in the past, like opt-out forms, extra ordering guidance and Project Thank you materials? Check out the table of contents on the guide to quickly access the resources you need!