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Volunteer Resources

To ensure you have everything you need to be successful in your role, the following resources are available to our volunteers, including flier templates and editorial style guidelines below. Can't find what your looking for? Email the Answer Center, or call 314.400.4600.

Answer Center

The Answer Center is a member support center, available via phone or email to assist parents, volunteers, staff and community members. We offer registration assistance, answers to general questions, tips, guidance, resource links and information about accommodations for disabilities.  

Contact the Answer Center
Phone: 314.400.4600

Answer Center hours change seasonally based on call volume.

Current Hours
Monday: 9 am – 6 pm
Tuesday: 9 am – 6 pm
Wednesday: 9 am – 6 pm
Thursday: 1 pm – 6 pm
Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

Adult Recognition

Showing appreciation for volunteers is essential. They contribute countless hours toward Girl Scouts on top of their own busy schedules and hectic lives. Girl Scouting wouldn't be the same without them. Learn more about the nomination process.


Helping girls decide what they want to do, and coaching them as they earn and manage money to pursue their goals, is an integral part of the Girl Scout program. Girl Scout troops are funded by money earned through council-sponsored product sale activities (such as the Girl Scout Cookie Program) and troop money-earning activities. When the troop is earning and spending money, the troop needs to set up a bank account.

Troops in Eastern Missouri can open an account at the bank of their choice using the Prospective Financial Institution (Bank) Letter. Please contact your VSC for a copy of the letter.


Lead & Learn
This publication just for our dedicated volunteers. It features Council news and opportunities tailored specifically for adults and a plethora of interesting and valuable courses. 

Volunteer Essentials
Volunteer Essentials is a national resource, customized by each council.

Safety Activity Checkpoints
Safety checkpoints tailored for each activity girls might participate in.

Blue Book of Basic Documents
This publication contains all of the basic documents of Girl Scouts of the United States of America. It is the foundation for the work of all Girl Scout councils. Available online or in print by request.

Emerson Resource Center

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Emerson Resource Center is specifically designed to assist busy volunteers in planning and carrying out troop/group activities. For more information, email the Resource Center or call 314.592.2378.

Fliers, Graphics and Stylebook

Any person participating in any Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri program or activity must be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri or covered by appropriate Girl Scout insurance. Vehicles and locations also need to be appropriately insured.

Leader Toolbox

The Leader Toolbox contains the resources that will come in handy during your Girl Scout year. Check out all of the resources that are available.

Programs in a Box

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri offers Programs in a Box to make planning your Girl Scout year much easier. Troops or individual volunteers/parents can check out Programs in a Box to help earn a badge, use as activities at troop meetings, enjoy at troop camp, or as a service project to work with a younger troop.

Each box includes most of the supplies needed to complete the activities—other supplies are listed separately. While the boxes have a target age level, you are welcome to check out a box at another level if available. Program boxes may be reserved and checked out through the Emerson Resource Center.

Program Partners

We are honored to work with Program Partners who offer opportunities for girls to enhance their Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Program Partners provide affordable and quality programs such as activities, workshops and events that align with the Girl Scout mission and values, to every girl member.  Many of our partners offer badge workshops, community service projects, assistance with the Journey experience and fun opportunities for field trips and unique experiences.


Nothing is more important within Girl Scouting than ensuring the health and safety of girls. Safety management will help you identify risks, avoid injury and illness, and help you respond to emergencies if needed.


Whether you are a brand new leader or a seasoned volunteer with Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri we have a wide variety of training courses available to help you learn and develop your own skills. Training is offered through online courses or in-person training courses in order to help find the style that best fits your needs. 


Traveling is an exciting way to teach girls new skills and introduce them to new experiences. A Girl Scout trip is defined as any time a group has an activity at a location other than the regularly scheduled meeting place. Before traveling with girls, ensure that you have trained adults in place.

Learn more about opportunities for Girl Scout travel.

Volunteer Toolkit

The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is a digital resource that supports troop leaders and co-leaders, making the process of running a troop easier and more efficient. Watch the video playlist for a detailed walk-through.

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Year-End Report

Troop Year-End Report
Troop leaders are required to submit the annual Troop Year-End Report demonstrating the troop account balance. 

District/Neighborhood Year-End Report
District and Neighborhood Treasurers are required to submit the annual District/Neighborhood Year-End Report demonstrating the account balance.