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Troop Money Management

Helping girls decide what they want to do, and coaching them as they earn and manage money to pursue their goals, is an integral part of the Girl Scout program. Girl Scout troops are funded by money earned through council-sponsored product program activities (such as the Girl Scout Cookie Program) and troop money-earning activities. When the troop is earning and spending money, the troop needs to set up a bank account. Find out how to setup a bank account, collect online payments and submit a Year-End report below.


Troops in Eastern Missouri can open an account at the bank of their choice using the Prospective Financial Institution (Bank) Letter. Please contact your Community Engagement Manager for a copy of the letter.

However, to ease the burden of bank shopping for troop volunteers, Eastern Missouri has entered into an agreement with a few banks to make this process easier. These “Preferred Banks” have agreed to waive monthly banking fees and offer a streamlined process to open a troop account. Preferred Banks are further classified as Premier Preferred or Standard Preferred.  Click on one of the links below for information on opening an account at one of our Preferred Banks.       

Premier Preferred Standard Preferred
No monthly fees No monthly fees
Debit Card Streamlined process to open an account
Streamlined Process to open an account  

Premier Preferred:

Learn more about Eastern Missouri policies and procedures on bank accounts in:

Online Payments

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri has partnered with Cheddar Up to give troops an easy tool to collect payments and information minutes. 

Creating an online collection is easy.

  1. Start by creating your free account at
  2. Then start collecting. You name it, you can collect for it: outings, events, dues, gear, fundraisers... the list goes on.

Even better? You can collect information as well. Have an event coming up and need to collect payments plus parent contact information or a waiver? This new tool allows you to add custom form fields to your collections so you can collect any amount of information associated with payments.

Create an online collection for your troop and enjoy:

  • ONLINE PAYMENTS: Accept payments by credit card and cash or check. You’ll be able to track online and offline payments. 
  • ONLINE FORMS: Add form fields to your collection to eliminate paper and move all information-collecting online. 
  • AUTOMATIC TRACKING: Cheddar Up tracks all payments and information online. In one click, easily export to Excel. Download the app for on-the-go access.
  • COMPLETE OVERSIGHT: Securely transfer funds directly to your troop's bank account with an online record of all withdrawals.
  • EASY HAND OFF: Every volunteer's dream...replicate collection pages year after year—with saved history for always-there online records.

To see these features in action watch the quick video tutorial

Create your FREE account today and start collecting.

Year-End Reporting

Troop Year-End Report and Information Update
Troop Leaders are required to submit a Troop Year-End Report and Information Update annually. The report is due July 15 and should include all activity from June 1 to May 31. If you are unable to submit the report online, please contact your Community Engagement Manager.



District/Neighborhood Year-End Report
District and Neighborhood Treasurers are required to submit a District/Neighborhood Year-End Report annually. The report is due July 15 and should include all activity from June 1 to May 31. If you are unable to submit the report online, please contact your Community Engagement Manager.