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Emerson Resource Center

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Emerson Resource Center is specifically designed to assist busy volunteers in planning and carrying out troop/group activities.

Lending Library and Equipment
Resources chosen specifically to help with Girl Scout programs, including badges, activities and events as well as ceremonies and outdoor programs can be borrowed from the Emerson Resource Center.

Library Resources
Resources can be checked out on a first-come, first-served, in-person basis. Some resources have limited reservation usage. Most items have a four-week check out time. It is important that you return borrowed items in a timely manner so others may use the resources.

Equipment Reservation
Email, fax or snail mail a completed a Resource Request Form to the Emerson Resource Center. Pick-up is from the Resource Center, usually two days before use and returned two days after use. Some resources can be mailed. Check with the resource specialist to see if the equipment you are borrowing can be mailed.

Additional Resources

For more information, email the Resource Center or call 314.592.2378.