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Meet Our Leaders

Board of Directors Officers

  • cynthia_heath

    Cynthia Heath
    Board Chair
    Retired, Emerson

  • Jessica_Willingham

    Jessica Willingham
    1st Vice Chair
    Senior Vice President & Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

  • Dawn_Kotva

    Dawn L. Kotva
    2nd Vice Chair
    Vice President of Operations
    MTM, Inc.

  • cyndy_donato

    Cyndy Donato
    Regional VP of Human Resources
    BJC Healthcare

  • donna_doerhoff

    Donna Doerhoff
    BKD, LLP


  • Laurel_Burkel

    Laurel “Buff” Burkel
    Colonel, US Air Force 
    Retired Inspirational/ Motivational Speaker

  • Lisa_Bell_Reim

    Lisa Bell-Reim
    Oculus Inc.

  • Dana_Creswell

    Dana Creswell
    Hazelwood West High School

  • Vicki_Dawkins

    Vicki Dawkins
    Emerson Hermetic Motor

  • Jeromey_Farmer

    Jeromey Farmer
    Director, Enterprise Analytics & Talent
    Edward Jones

  • Kalen_Fumageli

    Kalen Fumagalli
    Sales Team Lead eCommerce
    Nestle Purina

  • Mira_lyer

    Mira Iyer
    Student & Senior Girl Scout

  • kimberly_hodge_bell

    Kimberly Hodge-Bell, PhD, DABT
    Senior Science Fellow & Macromolecule Toxicology Lead
    Bayer U.S. – Crop Science

  • Christine_Iovaldi

    Christine Iovaldi
    Customer Experience Manager
    Dot Foods, Inc.

  • Mike_Kiefer

    Mike Kiefer
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Julie_Leverenz

    Julie Leverenz
    MBA, FACHE Founder & CEO
    JLev.Life Consulting

  • Keith_Marty

    Keith Marty
    Parkway School District

  • mark_murray

    Mark Murray
    Armstrong Teasdale LLP

  • Sonni_Fort_Nolan

    Sonni Nolan
    Partner-Technology, Manufacturing, and Transportation
    Husch Blackwell

  • dana_plonka

    Dana Plonka
    Vice President of Risk and Strategic Finance
    Alter Trading Corporation (ATC)/Goldstein Group Inc.

  • Thuy_Vi_Quach_Braig

    Thuy Vi Quach-Braig
    Marketing Leader
    Eastman Performance Films, LLC

  • Jeff_Steiner

    Jeff Steiner
    Senior Portfolio Manager/VP
    U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management 

  • Anastasia_Stevenson

    Anastasia Stevenson
    Operating Effectiveness Director, Sales & Account Management Optimization 
    Cigna/ Express-Scripts

  • Kit_Sundararaman

    Kit Sundararaman
    Principal, Client Experience & Insights
    Edward Jones

  • Susan_Thoma

    Susan L. Thomas
    Truman State University

Executive Team

  • Bonnie Barczykowski

    Bonnie Barczykowski
    Chief Executive Officer


  • Julie Cubbage

    Julie Cubbage
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kathy Dabrowski

    Kathy Dabrowski
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Kelly Daleen

    Kelly Daleen
    Chief Membership and Marketing Officer

  • Janine Lawler

    Janine Lawler
    Chief Development Officer

  • Kathy Mack

    Kathy Mack
    Chief Human Resources Officer