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Community Troops

A Community Troop provides the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in a troop setting to girls who might not have another opportunity to join a troop in their area. Community Troops are led by trained Girl Scout staff members, called Community Troop Managers, and they provide troop leadership for multiple troops in various schools, churches and centers


For more information, please email Maya Pierce or call 314.400.4648.  

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Participation in Girl Scout Community Troop Includes
  • Troop Leadership from the Community Troop Manager
  • 2 meetings per month during the school year
  • 4 field trips per year
  •  Program supplies
  • Snacks
  • Each girl earns up to 5 skill building badges, patches and or pins
  • Parent and guardian communication through e-mail, handouts, parent meetings and publications (Inspire Discovery and Camp Adventure Guide)
  • Troop participation in Product Programs
  • Treats & Reads Program (Oct.)
  • Girl Scout Cookie Program (Jan.)
  •  Access to all programs Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri offers; program information is covered in Inspire Discovery (Aug. and Jan.) and Camp Adventure Guide (Nov.)
  • Membership with Girl Scouts of the USA
Parent Expectations
  • Fill out membership registration form – must be completed for all girls participating and adults are encouraged to join (financial assistance available)
  • Fill out the Yearly Annual Permission Form
  • Keep contact information updated
  • Attend parent meetings throughout the year
  • Help at meetings and/or on field trips when needed
  • Support your Girl Scout with Product Programs and other activities
  • Pick up your Girl Scout on time
  • Read communications from Troop Leader and Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  • Support behavior expectations and talk to your Girl Scout about her behavior, as necessary
  •  Ask questions 
Benefits for Girls Who Participate

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri believes that all girls deserve the opportunity to develop into tomorrow’s leaders. When girls participate in Girl Scouts they benefit in 5 important ways:

  • They develop a strong sense of self
  • They display positive values
  • They seek challenges and learn from setbacks
  • They form and maintain healthy relationships
  • They learn to identify and solve problems in their community
Community Troop Managers
Community Troop Manager Schools

Dejah Campbell
314.400.4631 (Work)
314.620.6090 (Cell)

  • Compton Drew
  • Confluence Academy - South City
  • Confluence Academy - Old North
  • Herzog Elementary
  • Lexington Elementary
  • Mann Elementary School
  • Meramec Elementary
  • Peabody Elementary
  • Shaw VPS Elementary
  • Yeatman Middle
Community Troop Manager Schools

Maia Johnson
314.400.4636 (Work)
314.620.6130 (Cell)

  • Barack Obama Elementary
  • Fairview Elementary 
  • Glasgow Elementary 
  • Highland Elementary School
  • Jefferson Elementary School
  • Larimore Elementary
  • Meadows Elementary 
  • Northview
  • Woodland/Hanrahan Elementary
Community Troop Manager Schools

Latonya Logan
314.400.4624 (Work)
314.620.5904 (Cell)


  • Adams Elementary
  • City Academy
  • Gotsch Intermediate
  • Froebel
  • Halls Ferry Elementary
  • LeMasters Elementary
  • Mason Elementary
  • Mesnier Primary School
  • North Park Methodist Church
  • Premier Charter School
  • Walbridge Elementary
  • Wilkinson ECC
Community Troop Manager Schools

Makaila Tibbs
314.400.4620 (Work)
314.620.6006 (Cell)

  • Beyond Housing
  • Bel-Nor
  • Barbara C Jordan
  • Gibson Elementary School
  • Hamilton Elementary
  • Koch Elementary School
  • Laclede Elementary
  • Monroe Elementary
  • Patrick Henry
  • Riverview Gardens Central Middle
Community Troop Manager Schools

Catlynn Zayon
314.620.6806 (Cell)

  • Bermuda Elementary
  • Berkeley Elementary
  • Bismarck Elementary
  • Combs Elementary
  • Danforth Elementary
  • Griffith Elementary
  • Johnson- Wabash
  • Kingston
  • Lee Hamilton Elementary School
  • Walnut Grove
Community Troop Partners

The Girl Scout Community Troop program is made possible with the support of our partners, Alicia McDonnell, Anne M. McDonnell, AT&T, Bank of America, Cathy Rogers, Cigna, Edward Jones, Emerson, First Bank, Holly James, Incarnate Word Foundation, James S. McDonnell Family Foundation, Katherine McDonnell, Marcella M. Stevens, Mimi Abbott, Penny Pennington and Michael Fidler, Spire and U.S. Bank Foundation.