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Community Outreach Programs

Community Outreach Programs

Each year, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri serves thousands of youth through community outreach programs. These programs provide a Girl Scout experience to girls in areas underserved by the traditional troop experience.

Community outreach programs are primarily delivered in schools and community centers to provide youth with leadership and life skills and to promote positive culture in the communities in which the youth live. Please email Community Outreach or call 314.592.2314 for more information.

Be a Friend First (BFF)

We offer an innovative bullying-prevention initiative for middle school–aged girls. BFF (Be a Friend First) is based on the Girl Scouts of the USA's national leadership curriculum and is designed to help girls develop healthy relationship skills, understand relational aggression and learn about conflict resolution and bully prevention information.

Project Anti Violence (PAVE)

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri’s PAVE curriculum serves K-12th grade all genders to enhances their emotional literacy through robust activities that increase their emotional vocabulary and understanding of visual cues like facial expression and body language, and auditory cues like voice tone. The curriculum exercises students’ empathy muscles and provides opportunities for them to strengthen their connections with others. It engages them in myriad ways to stand up and speak out for who and what they believe in, in order to create school and community environments where everyone feels safe, respected and valued.


With Support from

Transform UR Future (TUF)

Through Transform UR Future (TUF), Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri has partnered with St. Louis Public, Hazelwood, Jennings, Confluence Prepatory Academy, University City, Wright City R-II and  Warren County R-III school districts to serve all students and promote a culture of anti-violence in select schools all year long. Each high school partners with an elementary and middle school in their district to provide peer-facilitation PAVE programming. 

Summer Programs

We offer a three-session program, Lead, Discover, and Explore, at summer schools and camps. This allows girls an opportunity to experience Girl Scouts through fun, hands-on activities with a different focus each week, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).