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Adult Recognition

Adult Recognition

Showing appreciation for volunteers is essential. They contribute countless hours toward Girl Scouts on top of their own busy schedules and hectic lives. Girl Scouting wouldn't be the same without them.

Formal Recognitions
These awards range from local Neighborhood and District recognitions to Council-level awards. Check out the Adult Recognition Handbook to determine the best fit for your candidate, and then submit your nomination. It's easy—just follow the instructions in the menu below for each recognition level.

Recognition Ceremonies
Council-level recognitions that have been approved by the Adult Awards Selection Committee will be presented to recipients at our annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. This ceremony recognizes awardees for their service performed during the previous membership year. Neighborhood- and District-level recognitions may be awarded at separate ceremonies or events hosted by local neighborhoods and districts.

Past Awardees Database

Volunteers make a difference in the lives of girls, and recognizing the outstanding impact of our Girl Scout volunteers is a priority. Whether it is done by a formal or informal acknowledgement, we owe it to our volunteers to let them know how grateful we are for their service.

How to search

  1. Enter any combination of District, Neighborhood, Recipient Name, Award Name or Award Year to view a list of past awardees. You must check the Exact Match box if you want more specific information. See Example
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Click on the "Back to Query Screen" link to run another search
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Council-Level Recognitions

Thank you for nominating a candidate for a Council-level recognition.
The award nomination process has changed from previous years, so please follow these instructions carefully. All nominations and recommendations must be received by the deadline to be considered for the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony.

  1. Consult the Adult Recognition Handbook for award descriptions and criteria
  2. Download the fillable Recommendation Form (VP-86) for the appropriate award
  3. Have on hand the following information:
    • Candidate’s contact information, including email address, street address, and phone number
    • Candidate’s current volunteer role(s) and any previous volunteer role(s) within Girl Scouts
    • Candidate’s district and neighborhood (if applicable)
    • Names of individuals submitting additional recommendations for the candidate
  4. Complete the Recommendation Form as the nominator, and ensure any other individuals submitting recommendations have a copy of the Recommendation Form to complete
  5. Select “Begin Nomination” to access the online nomination form, provide the requested information, and upload your Recommendation Form
  6. Upload any additional Recommendation Forms from other individuals that are required for the award, or have those individuals email their completed Recommendation Forms to Adult Education (

Recommendation Forms (VP-86)
Follow the links below to download individual Recommendation Forms. Each Recommendation Form is fillable and specific to the award listed. Because these forms will be submitted electronically as part of the nomination process, we strongly advise against printing them.

Online Nomination Form
Select “Begin Nomination” below to nominate a candidate for a Council-level award. You will need the candidates personal information and any completed Recommendation Forms on hand at the start of the nomination process. The online nomination form will not be saved until submitted, and therefore must be completed all at once.

District and Neighborhood-Level Recognitions

See the individual award descriptions in the Adult Recognition Handbook for specific nomination details (if nomination is required).

Certificates for certain Neighborhood-level recognitions are available without cost from the Girl Scout Shop.

Special Service Award

This award recognizes Girl Scout members who have completed at least 15 years of active service as a registered adult volunteer (in 5-year increments; 15, 20, 25 years, etc.).

Volunteers who wish to be recognized for this award at the next Volunteer Recognition Ceremony should submit the online Special Service Award Application by the posted nomination deadline.

Years registered as a girl member do not count toward service as an adult volunteer, nor do years as an adult member without actively participating in Girl Scouts (may occur with Lifetime Members or those who maintain annual membership without a volunteer role).