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Adult Recognition

Adult Recognition

Showing appreciation for volunteers is essential. They contribute countless hours toward Girl Scouts on top of their own busy schedules and hectic lives. Girl Scouting wouldn't be the same without them.

Formal Recognitions
These awards range from local Neighborhood and District recognitions to Council-level awards. Check out the Adult Awards Handbook to determine the best fit for your nominee, and then submit your nomination. It's easy—just follow the instructions!

Here is how you do it!


Learn about the awards by reviewing the Adult Awards Handbook.


Check the past awardee database to see awards your candidate may have already earned.


Council-Level Awards - You can now submit Council-level nominations electronically! Council-Level awards no longer require your District Manager’s signature. Submit the Council-Level Award Nomination Form and attach the required letters of recommendation.



District Awards - Recommend a candidate to your District Manager by completing the District Pin Approval Form and obtaining your District Manager’s signature. Bring the completed form to the Girl Scout Shop to purchase pin(s).



Neighborhood Awards – Recommend candidate to Neighborhood Manager by completing the Neighborhood Pin Approval Form and obtaining your Neighborhood Manager’s signature. Bring the completed form to the Girl Scout Shop to purchase pin(s).

Past Awardees Database

Volunteers make a difference in the lives of girls, and recognizing the outstanding impact of our Girl Scout volunteers is a priority. Whether it is done by a formal or informal acknowledgement, we owe it to our volunteers to let them know how grateful we are for their service.

How to search

  1. Enter any combination of District, Neighborhood, Recipient Name, Award Name or Award Year to view a list of past awardees. You must check the Exact Match box if you want more specific information. See Example
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Click on the "Back to Query Screen" link to run another search
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Recognition Ceremonies
Council-level awards that have been approved by the Volunteer Recognition Panel will be presented to recipients at our annual Recognitions Ceremony.