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Camp Fury STL

During this six-day, five-night resident camp, Girl Scouts train alongside female firefighters and law enforcement personnel to learn firefighting and EMS skills, practice defensive tactics and develop investigative abilities. They are mentored by remarkable women who are breaking down barriers and stereotypes in what has traditionally been male-dominated career fields.

Throughout this intense week, girls grow even more courageous, strong, confident and capable, ready to become our change-makers for tomorrow and role models for their fellow Girl Scouts. 

For more information, please email Melissa Niedermann or call 314.592.2346.

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Camp Fury STL

Dates: June 23-28
Grades: 9-12; must be at least 14 years old at time of camp
Location: Camp Fiddlecreek
Cost: $395 through March 31, $425 starting April 1 and $460 starting May 1

Camp Fury STL is turning up the heat! This camp is an immersive experience where girls join the ranks of firefighters and law enforcement personnel to learn how they ensure public safety in our communities. Throughout the week, girls practice search-and-rescue skills, learn crime scene investigation tactics, and complete confidence-boosting and adrenaline-pumping activities like an aerial climb, rappelling, canine tracking and extinguishing live fire! Campers meet and bond with women who are breaking barriers and stereotypes in these traditionally male-dominated fields. Girls spend their days at the St. Louis County Police and Fire Academy in Wellston, returning each night to Camp Fiddlecreek.

Catching Fury STL

Dates: May 18, August 3, 2019
Check in: 8:30 am
Check out: 5:00 pm
Location: Camp Fiddlecreek
Grade Level: 6-8, must be 12 years old at the time of camp
Cost: $60, includes T-shirt and lunch

Middle school girls get a sneak peek of the active and adventurous Camp Fury STL!  Gear up and work alongside the elite women from St. Louis’ fire and police services. Gain leadership and team-building skills, have a blast and make new friends! This camp is inspired by Camp Fury STL and will offer a sampling of activities girls experience during the week-long Resident Camp.

  • Anonymous
  • ARCH Air Medical
  • Bio-One STL
  • Bridgeton Police Department
  • Callier’s Catering
  • Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital
  • Central County Fire & Rescue
  • Eureka Police Department
  • Fenton Fire Protection District
  • Fenton Firefighter Community Outreach
  • Frontenac Fire Department
  • Greater St. Louis Area Police Chiefs Assc.
  • Hazelwood Fire Department
  • Hazelwood Police Department
  • IAFF Local 2665
  • John Trout
  • Kelly Ruby, State Farm Insurance Agency
  • Kim Besserman, Executive Director of the St. Louis County Fire Academy
  • Kirkwood Fire Department
  • Kristina Schmidt, Ret. US Secret Service
  • Kurt Becker, IAFF 2665
  • Lake St. Louis Professionals
  • Lincoln County Ambulance District
  • Lt. Steve Hampton, Director of the
  • St. Louis County Police Academy
  • Maryland Heights Fire Fighters
  • Maryland Heights Fire Protection District
  • Maryland Heights Police Department
  • Matthew Coppin
  • Metro West Community Outreach
  • Metro West Fire Department Local 2665
  • Metro West Fire Protection District
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol, Marine Division
  • Monarch Firefighters Charitable Outreach
  • O’Fallon Fire Department
  • Pattonville Fire Department
  • Pattonville Fire Protection District
  • Robertson Fire Protection District
  • Robertson Fire Protection District
  • St. Charles City Police Department
  • St. Charles City Mounted Patrol
  • St. Charles County Police Department
  • St. Charles Fire Department
  • St. Charles Police Department
  • St. Charles Police Officers Association
  • St. Louis Area Police Chiefs Association
  • St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy
  • St. Louis County Crime Laboratory
  • St. Louis County Fire Academy
  • St. Louis County Juvenile and Courts Department
  • St. Louis County SWAT
  • St. Louis Metro Police Department
  • Town and Country Police Department
  • Valley Park Fire Department
  • Walter Masters
  • Wentzville Police Department
  • West Overland Firefighters
Female First Responder Statistics

Female Firefighters

  • 3.9% of firefighters in the US are female
  • 3.5% of firefighters in St. Louis County are female
  • 2% of firefighters in St. Louis City are female
  • 6 female firefighters serve in St. Charles County

Female Law Enforcement

  • 13% of law enforcement officers in the US are female
  • 15.6% of officers on the St. Louis City police are female
  • 14% of officers on the St. Louis County police are female
  • 0 females on St. Charles County SWAT
  • 0 females on St. Louis County SWAT

*Statistics from:

  • National Fire Protection Association, 2017. Firefighting occupations by women and race. Web. August 2017.
  • Metro West Fire Protection District, personal communication, August, 2017.
  • St. Louis County Police Department, personal communication, August, 2017.