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Gold Award

2021 Gold Award Recipients

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is proud to present Girl Scouts who have earned our organization’s highest national honor: The Gold Award.


Sabrina Baggstrom

This remarkable Girl Scout organized and planned a website and coding workshop for young girls. Sabrina created lesson plans, step-by-step worksheets and example websites to teach the girls how to code and design a website.



Navya Bhagat

Navya built a compost bin and installed it at a local elementary school to earn her Gold Award. Navya then created a presentation and lesson plans for the school to implement into their curriculum. Finally, Navya led a team to clean up trash around Creve Coeur Lake.



Olivia Biernacki

Olivia practiced the Jewish tradition, Hiddur Mitzvah, to earn her Gold Award. Meaning to beautify good deeds, Olivia constructed a bench for congregants at her local Temple to use to relax and reflect. Olivia also organized rock painting kits and an event guide for families to create a rock garden to surround the new bench.



Aleah Bingham

Knowing the stress caused by the global pandemic, Aleah wanted to take action to bring back positivity in her community. So, this innovative Girl Scout painted inspiring, uplifting messages on 75 rocks and placed them around Kirkwood, MO as easter eggs.



Aaditi Chinawalkar

Aaditi wanted to help her peers de-stress from the pressure of exams to earn her Gold Award. Aaditi started by researching stress relief tactics and compiling her information onto a website. Finally, Aaditi published her website on her school's web page for easy access to all students.



Rianna DeHart

Recognizing the importance of recycling for the environment, Rianna decided to implement a new recycling system for her school. Rianna then created a website to share with her peers how they can do their part to clean up their community.



Mikayla Dierker

After earning her Silver Award by sewing pillowcases for children in the hospital, Mikayla wanted to build off that project to earn her Gold Award. So, Mikayla organized a knitting club of her peers and community members to knit blankets for the Queen of Peace Center children.


Ava Eisenhauer

This young change-maker took action to decrease the amount of plastic in landfills to earn her Gold Award. Ava collected and cleaned plastic medical containers and other plastic materials to be reused for various projects.


Lillian Henderson

With a future goal of pursuing a career in the medical field, Lillian decided to use her passions to earn her Gold Award. Lillian created sensory objects for dementia patients. Lillian also worked with her school's art club to continue creating and donating sensory objects in the future.



Jessica Hiegel

As a lifelong Girl Scout, Jessica wanted to have the full leadership experience. Jessica constructed and painted two benches. She then put together six art bags filled with crayons, colored pencils, and a homemade coloring book. Jessica's benches are now at Camp Cedarledge for fellow campers to use.



Alejandra Indelicato

Alejandra partnered with Barnes Jewish Hospital to support their art therapy programs for children. Alejandra led her team to put together art projects, print coloring pages, collect supplies and write instructions. She provided a flash drive with copies of her materials for the art therapist to use in their programs.


Tristan Jenkins

After researching the benefits of outdoor classrooms on early child education, Tristan decided to build classroom equipment. Tristan constructed a hanging chalkboard, musical wall, tic tac toe board, an abacus string and alphabet letters for the kids to play with while they learn.



Liana Jones

Liana knew she wanted to do her part to help local community cats to earn her Gold Award. So, Liana constructed five cat shelters and donated them to Gateway Pet Guardians to place around the area. Liana also created a website with step-by-step instructions for her peers to build their own cat shelters.



Avery Kleinhenz

Avery organized a virtual baby shower to educate new mothers on the importance of infants' good sleep habits. After the shower, Avery delivered safe sleep essentials to the participants' homes. Finally, Avery created a safe sleep brochure for a local nonprofit to hand out to new mothers in need.



Zoe Knight

For Zoe, earning the Gold Award was more than fulfilling a lifelong goal—it provided her an opportunity to empower girls. Zoe built custom feminine hygiene product dispensers for five restrooms at Kirkwood High School. She then advocated for her school to provide higher-quality hygiene products.



Erin Lambert

After experiencing the effect Alzheimer's has on loved ones, Erin knew she wanted to do her part to help those in similar situations. So, Erin led her team to sew 30 fidget blankets. These blankets provide comfort and occupy patients of Alzheimer's while giving the caretakers room to perform other tasks.



Cassidy Overmann

As one of the Activity Staffers for Girl Scout Camp, Cassidy knew the need for more traffic signage around the three camps. So, Cassidy secured donated traffic signs and implemented them at all of the camps. She then created a presentation to share the driving safety rules for anyone visiting the camps.



Shruti Panda

As a Girl Scout, Shruti learned that her voice matters but realized many of her peers were having difficulty getting their voices heard. So, Shruti created a virtual advocacy workshop where she taught the participants how to write letters and emails and make effective phone calls to representatives.



Cassi Rodgers

To earn her Gold Award, Cassi recognized the need for space for pollinators to pollinate safely. So, Cassi constructed a planter box of fresh vegetables and flowers. After researching and picking the best plants for her garden, Cassi placed the new box at Pioneer Skilled Nursing Home.



Lauren Sheets

To earn her Gold Award, Lauren wanted to do her part to provide the same educational resources to students in need. Lauren began by collecting books to be donated to a small school in Burma. After COVID-19 disrupted her plans, Lauren also created an online library to share with the students.



Fareeha Siddique

With the world adjusting to the new normal, Fareeha decided to take action and relieve some of the stress caused by COVID-19. Fareeha sewed 817 masks and donated them to local schools and food banks. She also made masks for the Navajo Nation, a community largely affected by the pandemic.



Kaitlyn Smith

After learning that literacy rates are lower in underfunded schools, Kaitlyn took action to help those with fewer resources in her community. So, Kaitlyn worked with the St. Louis Catholic Academy library by buying new books, creating a curriculum for the library and organizing a check-out system.



Megan Sollors

Megan wanted to do her part to help the environment after two floods affected her community. So, Megan built three compost bins to help recycle food and yard waste for the Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center. Megan also presented her project to a local Girl Scout Troop and created a video to share online.



Abigail Wieberg

Abigail recognized the need for updated areas at her local church. So, Abigail decided to update the nursery room. Abigail led her team of volunteers to repaint and decorate the nursery. She also went through and discarded the old toys and replaced them with new ones.



Madison Wieberg

After volunteering for PALS Animal Shelter, Madison recognized a need for more space to store food and supplies. So, Madison rebuilt shelves in one of the shelter's storage rooms and reorganized the supplies. Madison then shared her project with her Girl Scout sisters to inspire them to pursue their Gold Award.


Mary Wright

Mary felt it was crucial to help get her young peers outside and inspire interest in reading. So, she constructed posts for a story walk and placed them around the local elementary school track. She then created a story outline template for students to author their own stories to be featured on the story walk.


The Gold Award may be earned by Girl Scouts in grades 9-12. Learn more.