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Gold Award

2022 Gold Award Recipients

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is proud to present Girl Scouts who have earned our organization’s highest national honor: The Gold Award.


Macy Beckemeier

Macy led her team of volunteers to pack shoeboxes filled with toothbrushes, soap, clothes and toys to send to kids around the globe to earn her Gold Award. Macy's project will continue annually—collecting donations and sending out boxes each November.



Josie Bielecki

Josie, a passionate environmental advocate, wanted to reduce waste in her community. To accomplish this, she collected old grocery bags and t-shirts to turn into reusable bags. Josie then donated the bags to local food banks to use when handing out goods.



Erin Briggs

Erin drew upon her passions as an avid bike rider to earn her Gold Award. Erin created bike repair stations to place along the Katy Trail. Erin's repair stations include every possible tool one would need to fix their bike while on the trail.



Elizabeth Burton

After Elizabeth was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that affected her motor skills, she became adjusted to using a wheelchair. Elizabeth created a blog to share her personal experiences and provide accessibility information on various locations and activities for her fellow peers.


Sandra Cisowska

Sandra recognized play is crucial for healthy development in children and wanted to update the playground at St. Monica School. Sandra painted an obstacle course game on the blacktop to help students enhance their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.



Isha Deol

Knowing the importance of mental health awareness among students and teachers, Isha promoted mental health resources for the Rockwood School District. Isha created a mental health club at her school and added mental health resources links to the Rockwood School District websites.



Coumba Diallo

Coumba collected donated supplies and assembled over 150 art kits to foster teens in the St. Louis region as a creative outlet for their mental health. She then organized a virtual gallery. Finally, she facilitated ten workshops with children in St. Louis, Senegal.


Amelia Dorsey

After partnering with local doctors and nurses, Amelia illustrated a children's book educating readers on Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias (CDH). Amelia's illustrations help those with CDH to share their experiences and explain their condition to friends and families.


Malena Duncan

An avid Girl Scout Camper, Malena wanted to renovate the lake area at Camp Tuckaho for other girls to enjoy. Malena added new life jackets, laid down new gravel and built cubbies for the campers to store their items while canoeing to complete her Gold Award project.



Sydney Gagliano

To earn her Gold Award, Sydney partnered with Birthright St. Charles to create a teen blog page. The blog covers topics such as mental health, education and healthy habits. Sydney also collected Bibles and blankets to be handed out to young mothers.



Annika Haas

Annika decided to take action to educate her community on how to care for pets after adoption. Annika created a booklet covering care tips and techniques for new pet parents. Annika also organized a donation drive where she collected more than 200 items for a local animal shelter.


Jessie Hattemar

Once Jessie discovered that monarchs had been added to the endangered species list, she decided to create a safe space for monarchs and raise awareness of their decline. Jessie planted native flowers, built benches and made signs placed in her monarch garden in Klondike Park.



Samantha Hepburn

Samantha partnered with Ritenour Food Pantry to provide an adequate supply of feminine hygiene products. Samantha held a donation drive where she collected more than 10,000 products. She also created a video to share how feminine hygiene affect women and the stigma girls face.



Nichole Hofmann

Nichole purchased and updated a used trailer and filled it with gently used clothing she collected through donations. She then led her team of volunteers to bring her traveling closet of hope to food pantries in her community so those in need can select new pieces of clothing for free.



Mira Iyer

For her Gold Award project, Mira developed an app, CHOMP, so users can better understand their bodies and the foods they eat. The app equips users with the tools to read nutrition labels and choose healthier snack options.



Lauren King

Lauren worked with the Assistance League of St. Louis to restore their pollinator garden and add a rain garden. Lauren built a water basin and installed rock swales to redirect rain runoff. She also replanted the garden with fresh flowers and cleared the pathways to the garden.


Mia Kreissler

Mia created and taught a science curriculum to gifted students with learning difficulties. Mia worked with ten students for six weeks, where they performed experiments and covered topics such as why reactions happen, the behavior of gasses and water tension.



Richa Kulkarni

Richa created a peace garden at Parkway West High School providing a quiet space to decompress for students and a safe habitat for insects. Richa led her team of volunteers to clear the garden area, plant native flora and paint Kindness Rocks to place around the garden.



Tanvi Kulkarni

Tanvi designed and painted motivational, sports-themed murals for the stadium bathrooms at Parkway West High School. Tanvi created a sense of community and an uplifting atmosphere for her peers.


Audrey Lemmons

Audrey worked with the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center to take pictures of their animals and add them to the adoption center website. She also made a contact list at local colleges to provide the adoption center with more volunteers.



Hanna Lenz

Hanna partnered with Girls on the Run to promote their Heart and Sole program through video blogs. Hanna's videos have been posted to Girls on the Run's website for coaches to use as a recruitment tool and promote social and emotional learning.



Danielle Malt

Knowing that amateur theatre groups often struggle to afford rights to a musical, Danielle wrote an original musical script. Danielle published her script on the public domain and made it available through Joyful Noise, a non-profit theatre company.



Rachel McCormick

Rachel built and painted a bookshelf, and organized a book drive for the Megan Meier Foundation. Rachel then organized a book club within the Megan Meier Foundation to help facilitate discussions around mental health and how they can better understand each other.



Arielle Prince

Arielle built two boxes and filled them with donated diapers and wipes for families to pick up when needed. She also created an email and Facebook group for the box so families can get updates and those in the community can add more donated items.


Anushka Rawat

Anushka created a digital cookbook filled with healthy recipes solely made from food pantry ingredients and distributed to 192 food pantries across the region. She is also worked with LifeWise STL to translate her cookbook into Spanish and plans to translate it into more languages.


Anna Rawlings

Anna sewed 25 cage pads for the House Rabbit Society. She then created instructions on how to make the cage pads and taught other volunteers how to sew. Finally, Anna added her project to her school's community service project list.



Hailey Roberts

This remarkable Girl Scout organized a virtual STEM fair for girls in elementary school. Hailey's virtual fair introduced STEM career paths and included interactive sessions to demonstrate each job option.


Julie Ryterski

Julie Ryterski

Julie corrected two issues on the trails in her neighborhood by creating a switchback and changing the direction of the path so it is easier to walk for people of all abilities. Julie also constructed a bridge using recycled lumber and placed it over a forming gully on the trail.



Gracie Steinmeyer

Gracie made five tutorial videos for FTC Robotics teams to learn how to set up and program their robots using the two robotics programs. She then hosted a workshop for other FTC teams and visited three elementary schools to present on FIRST Robotics.



Rebekah Thompson

To earn her Gold Award, Rebekah planted a native garden and created a website for her local elementary school. Rebekah's website provides information on the plants and animals in the garden and how they can contribute to conservation and the outdoors.



Mackenzie Twomey

Mackenzie organized a speaker series on the importance of female representation and leadership in instrumental music. Mackenzie also created an Art Council at her school to give a voice for students to share their input and promote the art department.


The Gold Award may be earned by Girl Scouts in grades 9-12. Learn more.