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Community Service

Community service is an integral part of being a Girl Scout, providing girls with an opportunity to practice teamwork, build critical thinking skills, and empowering them to make changes in their community. What better way for girls to learn cooperation and build friendships than working together to accomplish a single goal. Sharing their time and resources helps girls increase their self-esteem and civic responsibility. Through participating in programs like Seasons of Giving, April Showers, Honor Troops or by earning a Girl Scout Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, girls are making a difference each day.

April Showers

April Showers, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri’s largest community service program, is important to the Girl Scout program and the community at large. Girl Scouts, their troop leaders, families and friends help people in need by collecting personal care items. This extraordinary program launched in 1998 has since met a need unknown to many community leaders and citizens.

The success of this Council-wide program is only possible thanks to our Girl Scouts, their families, neighbors, adult volunteers and of course, our community partners who generously donate their time and resources to this important initiative.

Together, we help our G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders) TM make the world a better place!

Year Date Description
April 17-19
April 16-18  
April 1-3
Bag Distribution
The first weekend, girls, their leaders and families distribute bags door-to-door throughout the Council’s jurisdiction.
April 18
April 17
April 2
Showering the Community
Girl Scouts across eastern Missouri will hold the annual “Showering the Community” event. Before or after your troop delivers their assigned bags, Girl Scouts will visit a participating Schnucks, Walmart or other rural store in our jurisdiction to encourage donations and collect items for individuals and families in need.
April 25
April 24
April 9
Bag collection
The second Saturday, girls return and collect bags filled with personal care items. These items are counted and donated to local pantries and shelters.

A special thanks to:

In partnership with Operation Food Search, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri has collected and distributed more than 23 million personal care items to local families and individuals in need.

April Showers collaborations: 

Support April Showers
If you have any questions about the April Showers program please email Heather Eyster or call 314.592.2312.

Seasons of Giving

Girl Scouts make an impact through the Seasons of Giving program, which encourages all girls to participate in service activities. Girl Scouts have the option of: (a) making gifts or (b) contributing useful items, i.e. clothing or (c) providing service to agencies of their choosing. Girls vote on the use of troop treasury funds when purchased items are donated. Troops can contact their Neighborhood Manager or their Neighborhood Seasons of Giving Coordinator for more information about service programs for agencies in their area.

Honor Troops

Honor Troops have the opportunity to represent the council throughout the year while volunteering for special events or activities. This may include serving as color guard or hostess for an important public meeting or promoting Girl Scout programs on TV.

Numerous community organizations who need Girl Scouts volunteers contact Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. If you would like to help Girl Scouts maintain their reputation for service in the community, become an Honor Troop.

Let us know if your troop is interested by completing the following application for Honor Troops.