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Any person participating in any Girl Scout program or activity must be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri or covered by appropriate Girl Scout insurance.


Accident/Sickness Insurance Coverage
Your Girl Scout membership provides you with basic secondary insurance (Plan 1). For some of the activities in which you will participate as Girl Scouts, you and/or your troop may need to purchase additional insurance.

Non-Member Insurance
If a person participating in a Girl Scout activity is not currently registered as a member of Girl Scouts, you will need to purchase additional insurance to cover them (this excludes adults who participate as visiting speakers, presenters or audience members, and children who participate as audience members only). If you need to purchase non-member insurance, please contact your Volunteer Support Coordinator (VSC). If you have questions about when to purchase non-member insurance, contact the Director of Camping Services and Risk Management at 314-592-2300.

Troop Trips

Troop Trips
If your troop is taking an international trip or a trip longer than two nights and three days, we strongly encourage you to purchase additional insurance. We have three accident and sickness plans available for purchase:

Completed enrollment form and premium payment should be submitted to your VSC. Please contact your VSC if you have questions with any questions or to get your troop trip approved.

Filing a Claim

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Girl Scout coverage is secondary to any health insurance a member already has (with the exception of 3P and 3PI coverage, above, which must be purchased). Submit your claim to your primary health insurance company first. When you receive an Explanation of Benefits statement, send it to your VSC with your itemized bill and the completed claim form. Payment will be made to the provider(s) of service (hospital, physician, etc.) unless a paid receipt statement accompanies the bill at the time the claim is submitted.

Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Requesting a Certificate of Insurance
Facilities and vendors will often request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri when a Girl Scout group has a meeting or event at their site or hosts a cookie booth in front of their business. This is standard practice and is commonly requested in contracts. Likewise, when planning events on behalf of Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri (such as day camps, district/neighborhood events, high adventure activities, etc.), COIs are often needed to verify that the organization or location meets Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri's insurance standards.

Please review the list of Program Partners first when making plans for your troop. Program Partners offer opportunities for girls to enhance their Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). All Program Partners have completed applications, provided COIs, and been inspected, and provide excellent opportunities, such as horseback riding, rock climbing, etc., when appropriate.

For facilities and vendors that are not Program Partners, you must submit a copy of their COI to Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. Contact your VSC for assistance in obtaining a COI. Your VSC can also help you submit the COI to Council, at least two weeks prior to your event.

The COI must be issued to Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
If you plan to use this vendor on a recurring basis, please request that the COI be reissued automatically each year when the policy is renewed. By doing so, the insurance company will automatically send an updated COI to Eastern Missouri.