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Daisy Launch

Daisy Launch

The Daisy Launch program is designed to give your Pre-K girl a chance to participate in activities and experience all the fun and adventure that await her as a Girl Scout Daisy. As a Girl Scout Daisy she’ll be set to soar, using her imagination to open up life’s doors. She will meet some new friends with adventure in store, and she’ll learn some new skills—bravery and more!  We'll help prepare her for all the new friends, new responsibilities, and for the big changes school will bring.


You can join right along with her to explore the world of Girl Scouting and form new friendships. Our extended year memberships at only $35 for girls entering Kindergarten Fall of 2021 and adults let you both play, learn and grow together starting May 2021-October 2022.

Daisy Launch Program Details

Daisy Launch Patch
Get her started on her journey with Girls Scouts! 


Family Activity Packet
Your family is invited to start exploring the wonderful world of Girl Scouts for your Pre-K girl with our Daisy Family Fun series. There will be four sets of Daisy Family Fun activities in the series. We’ve also included the supplies for the activities, so you and your Girl Scout can launch right in!

Troop Placement for Fall 

Daisy Drop Box

As a new Girl Scout Daisy leader you’ll introduce girls to new experiences and help them take the lead to change the world! We know being a troop leader takes time, creativity and resources—and we are grateful for the passion you bring to this role. Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is here to support our leaders every step of the way!

To help our new Daisy leaders, we have developed a brand new resource: the Daisy Drop Box. Daisy Drop Box is the ULTIMATE tool for new troop leaders. Each box will contain all the resources that you will need to hold a successful troop meeting, including activity supplies for each girl! Your Daisy Drop Box also contains information on upcoming Girl Scout events and programs.

For more information please contact Pam Johnson at  or 314.592..2357

Daisy Robotics

Daisy robotics is a great way to get your daughter or troop involved in STEM and supplement regular troop activities. Girls will have hands-on fun playing and creating with LEGOS DUPLOS® equipment, while learning about the fundamentals of STEM research and experimentation.

Each season, teams are given a theme to explore and all the equipment they need, including the LEGOS DUPLOS® sets, engineering notebooks, and team meeting guides with instructions for activities. At the end of the season, teams come together at a celebration event to share what they've learned and created with family, friends, and other teams.

For more information please contact Denise Sallee at  or 314.592.2377.

What do Daisies do?

Your girl’s dreams are our dreams, and we have fun making them come true together-whether that’s climbing a tree, painting a mural or making a robot. When she’s with us, doing her best is always good enough and there are no wrong answers or ideas.

As a Daisy, she might:

  • Find new ways to practice kindness and generosity
  • Earn special badges and pins to wear as a reminder of (and a way to show others!) all the new skills they're learning
  • Gain confidence and pride in their abilities and see how mistakes help us learn
  • Learn about money management, marketing, and running their own business
  • Explore the outdoors and spend time in nature
  • Practice simple ways to protect our earth
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