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Older Girls

Older Girls

If you're a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador (that is, if you're in middle school or high school), then Girl Scouts considers you an "Older Girl" – and we've got a whole bunch of great programs and leadership opportunities just for you. Whether you want to get out and see the world, try out being a camp counselor, learn how to write computer code, make a difference in your community, or just have fun with friends – we have something for everyone!

For more information, email Ally Roehl or call 314.592.2341.

Events & Programs

Badge and Journeys       
Offered to: CSA
Make your own movie, build a robot, cook food from a different country, go geocaching, sleep under the stars, write a book of short stories, plant a garden? Learn more.

FIRST Robotics
Offered to: DBJCSA
(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) aims to inspire girls to become science and technology leaders. This mentor-based program is designed to inspire innovation, cultivate interest in STEM fields, and foster life skills (such as self-confidence, verbal communication and team-building). Learn more.

Juliette Membership
Offered to: DBJCSA
Juliettes is a membership opportunity for individual participation, available to girls of all ages throughout the Council. Juliettes is designed to facilitate membership for a girl who, for whatever reason, cannot participate in a traditional troop. Learn more.

Inspire Discovery
This Girl Scout family publication highlights opportunities in our focus areas, information on earning one of Girl Scouts’ highest awards and endless program opportunities that are sure to excite! Learn more.

Camp Adventure Guide
Start planning for your summer adventures with the Camp Adventure Guide! The publication is available online and is mailed to each registered Girl Scout household. Learn more.


Camp Fury STL  
Offered to: SA  
During this six-day, five-night resident camp, Girl Scouts train alongside female firefighters and law enforcement personnel to learn firefighting and EMS skills, practice defensive tactics and develop investigative abilities. They are mentored by remarkable women who are breaking down barriers and stereotypes in what has traditionally been male-dominated career fields. Throughout this intense week, girls grow even more courageous, strong, confident and capable, ready to become our change-makers for tomorrow and role models for their fellow Girl Scouts. Learn more.

Catching Fury STL           
Offered to: C     
Gear up and work alongside the elite women from St. Louis' fire and police services. Gain leadership and team-building skills, have a blast and make new friends!  This camp is inspired by Camp Fury STL and will offer a sampling of activities girls experience during the week-long Resident Camp. Learn more.

Cadette Camp-a-Rama                
Offered to: C
Volunteer opportunity: SA
Cadette Camp-A-Rama is a weekend of excitement in the outdoors surrounded by new and old Girl Scout friends. Girls participate in camp activities like swimming, canoeing, and hiking. Girls have the opportunity to choose from a variety of high-adventure options. Find more information in the Inspire Discovery!              

Gail's Place        
Offered to: SA  
Gail’s Place, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scout Lodge was named in honor of Gail W. Brase, Council CEO from 1988-1996. Funded through donations made to the Sparking the Fire Campaign, the Council’s Capital Campaign conducted in the 1990’s, Gail’s Place is available for Senior and Ambassador girls and adult events. 

Outdoor Adventure Course        
Offered to: CSA (12 years or older) 
Build team spirit, improve communication, inspire and develop resourcefulness by participating in a fun and challenging low and high ropes course at Camp Tuckaho. In this extraordinary, interactive learning environment, campers are faced with decision-making situations that can be both mentally and physically as they navigate obstacles on the ground and in the trees. Girls must be 12 years or older and in the 6th grade. For more information email Kathy Kahn or call 314.592.2368.

Spoil Older Scouts Weekend (SOS)
Offered to: SA
It is time to celebrate our older Girl Scouts! This weekend at Gail’s Place is an exclusive retreat for our Seniors and Ambassadors where they will be spoiled with DIY projects, hiking and classic camping activities. Enjoy a relaxing weekend at one of the most beautiful spots in Camp Cedarledge. This program takes place in February during Presidents Day Weekend (Saturday - Monday). Registration for this program opens with the Fall Inspire Discovery. For more information email Ally Roehl or call 314.592.2366.


Camp CEO
Offered to: CSA 
The Empowerment Project is returning to its roots! Our premier high school leadership experience will engage our girls to empower themselves and their community through hands-on projects and experiences. Girls will stay at Myrtle’s Manor and experience the best of camp along with working with professional women in a mentor role. Senior Girl Scouts participating will earn all of the steps to the GIRLtopia Journey and receive instructions on their Take Action project. A Senior Journey is a prerequisite to the Girl Scout Gold Award which is the highest honor a girl can achieve! Look for more information in the Spring Inspire Discovery or email Ally Roehl.

Girl Advisory Board                        
Who runs the world? You do, of course. Share your great ideas on our Girl Advisory Board (GAB), where Older Girls serve as the Council’s voice for all girls in Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. These young leaders play a significant role in shaping the ongoing work of Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. GAB members serve one-year terms and meet regionally throughout the year in addition to coming together for the Annual Meeting each spring. Want to serve on the Girl Advisory Board? Applications are due annually by Sept. 1. 

Girl Scout Media Team               
Offered to: DBJCSA
Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri’s Marketing and Communications Department is looking for passionate, outspoken and creative Girl Scouts to join our Media Team! Opportunities include photo shoots, TV appearances, speaking opportunities and more! Through this unique opportunity, girls explore the evolving media environment, have hands-on experiences developing communication skills and engage in career exploration. For more information, email Kayla Bakker or call 314.592.2358.

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) or Advanced Counselor-in-Training (ACIT)
Offered to: SA  
Discover the leader within! This two-week session prepares girls for the rigors and rewards of becoming a camp counselor in the future. CITs make a difference in girls' lives while helping them navigate their Resident Camp Experience. Find more information about this opportunity in the Camp Adventure Guide!

Leader-in-Training (LIT) 
Offered to: C     
This program focuses on developing important outdoor camping abilities and expanding girls' knowledge of leadership skills. To practice their new skills, LITs plan and implement three overnight camp-outs. Find more information about this opportunity in the Camp Adventure Guide!

Resident Camp Sampler Senior Leader  
Offered to: SA  
Camp Sampler is a leadership development program that aims to give girls the confidence to lead a group of younger girls at camp. Senior Leaders participate in training prior to the week of camp alongside Adult Advisors to develop and strengthen their leadership and outdoor camping skills. Senior Leaders work together in teams of 3-4 peers to plan and lead activities for younger girls during the week of camp under the mentorship of adult advisors. For more information, email Becky Puckett, Director of Camping Services or call 314.592.2353.

Wrangler-in-Training (WIT)    
Offered to: SA   
Girls put their equestrian skills to the test with the WIT experience! Daily time spent at the barn includes helping to care for the horses, grooming, saddling, and assisting with lessons. Girls participate in riding lessons at the barn in the evening. Swim time, cookouts and campfires complete the camp experience. Girls will have the opportunity to continue their wrangler experience with AWIT and Wrangler Apprentice. Find more information about this opportunity in the Camp Adventure Guide!     

Youth Leadership St. Louis          
Offered to: A     
Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri partners with Focus STL to provide our members with the opportunity to collaborate with high school students from the St. Louis. Youth Leadership St. Louis (YLSL) is an internationally recognized program that informs, connects, prepares and empowers St. Louis area youth to become civic and community leaders. GSEM offers Six spots for our 11th grade members. If your Girl Scout is interested in applying, please email Ally Roehl. Applications will be sent out in March. Learn More.

Highest Awards & Service

Girl Scout Gold Award  
Offered to: SA  
The highest award a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador can earn. Girls use their talents to make their communities a better place. It is a highly recognized addition to resumes and college and scholarship applications. Attendance of the Gold Award Workshop is required. Learn More.

Girl Scout Silver Award  
Offered to: C     
This is the highest national award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. The award can be earned by an individual or a team of 2-4 girls. Girl Scout parents and leaders can take the Bronze and Silver Workshop listed in the Adult Education section of the Lead and Learn. Learn More.

Congressional Award     
Offered to: CSA
The United States Congress' award for young Americans. It is non-partisan, voluntary, and non-competitive. The program is open to all 14 to 23-year-old Girl Scouts. Participants earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Congressional Award Certificates and Bronze, Silver and Gold Congressional Award Medals. Each level involves setting goals in four program areas; Volunteer Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness and Expedition/Exploration. Learn More.

President's Service Award           
Offered to: CSA
This is a government sponsored program for children, adults, and groups interested in earning an award for the service hours they give. Learn More.

Religious Awards             
Offered to: CSA
Everything in Girl Scouting is based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law, which includes many of the principles and values common across religions. While we are a secular organization, Girl Scouts has always encouraged girls to take spiritual journeys via their faiths' religious recognitions. Learn More.    

Travel & Adventure

Offered to: CSA                
Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older! (For troop opportunities, check out Getaways or International Events). With different trips every year, there’s something amazing for everyone. Pack your bags full of life-changing experiences and make friends from all over the country as you travel with Girl Scouts from different states. Learn More.

Extreme Team     
Offered to: CSA
The Extreme Team is a unique opportunity for Cadette, Senior and Ambassadors to camp under the stars, canoe on the river, rock climb and so much more. Registration for the Extreme Team will be available with the Fall Inspire Discovery. For more information email Melissa Niedermann or call 314.592.2346. 

Offered to: CSA
The Mariner Program is a special interest program for 7th through 12th grade troops or girls from different troops; the optimum minimum number of girls in a ship is six. Individual girls can participate with an existing ship while maintaining participation and registration with her existing troop or a group of girls and leaders can establish their own ship. Our focus is on water activities, including canoeing, swimming, sailing and related nautical skills. This old, well-established program offers girls a wide variety of personal development and leadership opportunities. Mariner Ships (Troops) participate in the Mariner Program in addition to standard Girl Scout activities. When a Mariner graduates from high school, she is eligible to continue to participate as a member of the Barnacle Ship, whose members administer the various events and serve as mentors to the girls. For more information email Melissa Niedermann or call 314.592.2346.

Outdoor Adventure Course        
Offered to: CSA (12 years or older) 
Build team spirit, improve communication, inspire and develop resourcefulness by participating in a fun and challenging low and high ropes course at Camp Tuckaho. In this extraordinary, interactive learning environment, campers are faced with decision-making situations that can be both mentally and physically as they navigate obstacles on the ground and in the trees. (Girls must be 12 years or older and in the 6th grade). Learn More.

Summer Adventure Trip
Offered to: CSA (12 years or older) 
Calling all adventure lovers! Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri hosts an older girl trip each summer for our girls to experience a four-day and five-night opportunity with their peers. Trips might include whitewater rafting, boundary waters, horseback riding, rock climbing, or even traveling to Savannah! All trips are posted in the Camp Adventure Guide and Spring Inspire Discovery. For more information email Ally Roehl.

Offered to: CSA
Some of the most memorable moments in a G.I.R.L’s life happen while taking trips. Traveling with her Girl Scouts sisters is just another adventure she can embark on while developing life skills essential to leadership, to success and to life. Learn More.

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