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Volunteer Systems 2.0

Are you new to Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri?
New Members

You are joining us just in time for our refreshed member system coming December 7th!

We are currently transitioning from our old system to the new one but you can still register for programs, camps, and the 2021 membership year!

If this is your first time becoming a member of GSEM, please click the reigster button below to purchase your membership. You will receive a confirmation email from our team, connecting you to your troop.

Current Members

It’s almost time for our refreshed member system! Comprehensive changes have been made with you in mind. Some of the improvements you will see include

  • Clean screen views and increased self-service account management functionality
  • Ability to combine multiple products into a single transaction (e.g. volunteer roles and membership)
  • Simplified member experiences for greater ease and efficiency
  •  Improved Troop search functionality, allowing members to search by location and level as well as areas of focus and languages spoken
  • Future ability to purchase events from the same page as memberships (late 2021)

The system is currently down for the transition and our new and improved system will go live by December 7th.

How this system downtime will impact you

  • Registrations and renewals cannot be processed through the usual system between 11/18 and when the new system goes live
  • New background checks cannot sync with the system during the downtime window
  • The Volunteer Toolkit and gsLearn will be unavailable during the downtime window
  • Brand new members who registered during the downtime window will need to call the Answer Center to register for programs (everyone else can register as usual)

If you know someone who needs to get registered for the 2021 membership year, they can do so by clicking the register button below.


Members who register during this system downtime window will receive confirmation emails from our Placement team connecting them directly to their Troop Leaders if they are joining a troop.

Look for an email from Girl Scouts in early December announcing the debut of the refreshed system and sharing your updated login information as well as instructions on how to access your refreshed Girl Scout account (myAccount).

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we get ready for a system that will improve the Girl Scout experience for all our members. If you have any questions, please contact the Answer Center at or 314.00.4600.