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Programs in a Box

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri offers Programs in a Box to make planning your Girl Scout year much easier. Troops or individual volunteers/parents can check out Programs in a Box to help earn a badge, use as activities at troop meetings, enjoy at troop camp, or as a service project to work with a younger troop. Each box includes most of the supplies needed to complete the activities—other supplies are listed separately. While the boxes have a target age level, you are welcome to check out a box at another level if available.

Program boxes may be reserved and checked out through the Emerson Resource Center. Due to the value of materials in the boxes, a $25 deposit is required at time of pick-up. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the box with all materials intact.


Daisy – GoldieBlox – Making Things Zoom
Girls will become engineers and learn how things work.  With this kit they will be able to complete any (or all!) of the following badges: Board Game Design Challenge, Model Car Design Challenge, Roller Coaster Design Challenge.

Daisy - Animal Adventures
Girls will learn about different animal sounds and create their own animals from items in nature. Girls will play a fun game of catch while learning all about birds and their habitats and learn about basic animal care by bandaging a dog's paw.

Brownie – GoldieBlox – Making Things Zoom
Girls will use their engineering skills by inventing, building and learning.  With this kit they will be able to complete any (or all!) of the following badges: Fling Flyer Design Challenge, Leap Bot Design Challenge, Race Car Design Challenge.

Brownie - Weather Bug
Girls will start out talking about the day's weather report. Then, they will play weather Bingo; learn about solar power by using a solar bag balloon; complete a weather tracking challenge by learning different parts of a weather station; and create a rain cloud in a jar.

Junior - Space Rocks!
Girls get a taste of space engineering by making, launching and testing stomp rockets. Then, they will work in teams to design, build and test their own Mars landing craft.

Cadette - Engineer Girls
Girls will take their engineering skills to the next level by learning about devices designed to help people adapt, like eyeglasses, and how they can improve these devices. The second activity is all about engineering in sports, and the principles of physics in how sports balls work.

Senior/Ambassador - Fun with Forensics
In these activities, girls will observe how temperature affects the blue light created by the chemical luminol; and they will observe how temperatures surrounding a "body" affect determining time of death.

littleBits™ Box
littleBits are small, magnetic, electronic modules that girls can put together to create circuits in seconds™. Girls will learn problem-solving, the basics of electronics, and foundations of critical thinking through using littleBits. Each box includes four basic littleBits kits, instruction book, "flash cards" for each component and spare batteries. Most appropriate for grades 2 and up.

Multi-Level - The Amazing Human Body
Explore some of the things about our bodies that make it so amazing. Why do our eyes see things that aren't happening? What happens to the food we eat once it enters our bodies? Activities include digestion investigation; x-ray puzzle and skeleton hands craft.

Multi-Level – Super CSI
Girls will learn to be a secret, special agent by using the power of keen observation, communicating in code and mastering the art of fingerprinting.

Multi-Level – 5 Senses
Girls get to try out each sense and determine which is the strongest.  This box is a fun way to help girls try new activities.

Money Management

Daisy - Coin Celebration
Girls get to learn fun facts about U.S. currency, touch and look at real coins, play fun games to know their value and then do a fun activity.

Brownie - Needs vs wants
This box is designed for Brownies to understand the difference between wants and needs. They will then learn how to comparison shop with food and play a fun money mat game.

Junior - Shop 'Til you Drop
This box will have the girls thinking about businesses and then shopping 'til they drop with a fun game. They can look at "real" money and see what is real and what isn't.

Cadette - Dining Out
This program is designed to simulate dining out at a restaurant. Girls will role play between being a server, ordering, paying and learning how to tip. This is a fun activity to get ready and dine out with your girlfriends for a fun night! They then finish off the program with playing a money board game together.

Senior/Ambassador - Business Condenser
This box is designed for the older girls to start thinking about their future. They will look into business and how to compare what they offer for banking. They will then also look into loans and how to create a business with investors, like on the show Shark Tank. This is a fun, creative box for the girls to start thinking business.

Multi-Level - Banking and Buying
This is a box for all age levels, covering budgeting, counting and making change and learning about foreign money exchange rates. It also includes directions to make your own water bottle piggy bank.

Multi-Level – Budgets
Let’s start at the beginning and think about budgets – incoming and outgoing funds.  Girls will be assigned careers, families, and responsibilities and determine how to make the finances work!

Multi-Level – Wants vs. Needs
How is a girl to decide what to buy?  This box focuses on what we need and compares it to what we want.  This is truly a life lesson.


Daisy - Strike a Pose
Who doesn't love having fun while also relaxing? Yoga has been known to help improve flexibility and balance, encourage a calming environment and more. Daisies will have fun as they play games and practice striking their best yoga poses.

Brownie - Get Up and Move
What girl doesn't love to get up and move? This activity will surely get your girls active and having fun while also helping their bodies to grow stronger in the process.

Junior - Healthy Eating
We all know that eating a well-balanced diet is important, but we don't always know what to eat. This activity will help educate girls on the types of food they need and the importance of eating healthy so they can keep their bodies strong.

Cadette - My Strong Body
Most girls don't think of the importance of strong bones and keeping their bodies moving. This activity will have the girls exploring the importance of this and also track their steps and set new goals to keep their bodies healthy and strong.

Senior/Ambassador - Don't Stress About It
Between, school, work, friends and extracurricular activities, teens often feel stressed in their life but don't always know how to handle it. This activity will teach girls ways to de-stress with hands-on activities and the importance of learning how to manage their stress.

Multi-Level – Safety First
Prepare for safety and have the girls succeed.  Girls will work on a safety action plan with others in her house, learn about common injuries and how to apply first aid, make a first aid kit and, finally, find out why hand-washing is key.

Multi-Level – Social Butterfly
Manners first!  Girls will focus on having nice manners by holding a conversation with others on a new topic and then learn about how words hold meaning and we can’t take them away – even when we say mean things.  Consider using this box for a dinner party to focus on table manners.


Let’s Go Camping
Outdoor activities are a special part of being a Girl Scout. This box includes activities to teach girls basic outdoor skills, such as tying knots, building a campfire and kapers. The activities also include ideas for hiking and songs.  This box is great for troops that are considering camping, not for troops that have been there, done that!

Girls will learn the important art of “filling buckets” for themselves and others.  Spread love and share messages of support within the troop.


Investiture & Rededication
Introduce this fantastic ceremony to your girls by allowing them to invest or rededicate another year in Girl Scouting.  This is perfect for all Girl Scouts – first to thirteenth year!



Community Service
Girl Scouts is all about making the world a better place. Through the activities in this box, girls will explore what it means to help others. Activities include a bookmark service project, good deed beads, optional songs and word search

Community Service/Animals
Let’s build on a topic girls already love – animals – and keep making the world a better place.  Girls will make a project to donate, learn about careers for animal lovers and dive into helping animals, near and far.