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New Leader Portal

New Leader Portal

Welcome to the New Leader portal! The resources on this page will come in handy during your Girl Scout year. For additional training opportunities, programs for the troop to attend or more information about upcoming events please see the Lead & Learn and Inspire Discovery located at the top right of this page. These publications get mailed to members twice a year but are always available online. For questions, please email the Answer Center or call 314.400.4600.

Title Description
New Leader Resource Sheet Helpful tool to use when getting the troop started, includes a calendar for the first 90 days
Parent/Guardian Introduction Email Sample of an introduction email to Parents/Guardians of girls interested in joining your troop. Also includes information about the first parent/guardian meeting. 
Parent/Guardian Meeting Agenda Sample agenda for a parent/guardian meeting
Parent/Guardian Interest Form Sign up sheet for adults to contribute to the troop's success
Starting your Troop Bank Account When opening a Girl Scout Troop Bank Account the financial institution may require specific documents. Please contact the bank prior to your visit to ensure you have the required documents.    
New Leader Training Series The New Troop Leader Prep Series is comprised of three essential Courses; New Troop Leader, Troop Money Management and Program Level. This series must be completed within 90 days of beginning the leader role.
Safety Activity Checkpoints Safety requirements and preparation for Girl Scout Activities
Volunteer Essentials Essential resource that is the operational how-to guide for Girl Scout Volunteers.  
Including Girls with Disabilities "People-first" language, tips for adapting the Girl Scout program and additional information. 
Kaper Chart Sample of a chart used to ensure all girls in a group have the opportunity to participate in all activities associated with a meeting, camping trip, etc.