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Leader Toolbox

Welcome to the Leader Toolbox! The resources on this page will come in handy during your Girl Scout year.



When Used

Including Girls with Disabilities

"People-first" language, tips for adapting the Girl Scout program and additional information

Throughout the year

Kaper Chart

Sample of a chart used to ensure all girls in a group have the opportunity to participate in all activities associated with a meeting, camping trip, etc.

Throughout a Girl Scout Year and during activities or events

Parent/Guardian Interest Survey

Questionnaire to assess how adults associated with a troop would like to contribute to the troop's success

At the parent/guardian meeting held at the beginning of the year and whenever adults are recruited to work with a troop

Parent/Guardian Meeting Agenda

Sample agenda for a parent/guardian meeting

At the parent/guardian meeting held at the beginning of the year

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Safety Activity Checkpoints

When preparing for any activity with girls

Troop Budget Spreadsheet (Excel)

Fillable spreadsheet that can be used to track a troop's income and expenses throughout a Girl Scout Year

Throughout the year

Volunteer Essentials

Tool designed to make your volunteer experience seamless and rewarding as you work to bring the Girl Scout program alive to girls in our region. 

Throughout the year