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gsLearn FAQ

gsLearn is Girl Scouts’ official online and on-demand training platform. It empowers users (“learners”) to complete training as it works best for them. Learners have access to Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri-specific learning content, as well as Movement-wide learning content from GSUSA. Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions.

gsLearn Basics

Who can use gsLearn?

gsLearn is available to all registered adult volunteers.

How will gsLearn benefit me?

Convenience!  gsLearn will make learning what you need to know, when you need to know it, easier than ever.

  • It houses all GSEM online training opportunities and tracks all online, virtual, or in-person courses.
  • Learners may easily access their personal training histories.
  • Courses may be paused, exited, and restarted as needed by learners without losing their progress.
  • It provides access to helpful new Movement-wide online learning opportunities created by GSUSA

How do I access gsLearn?

Beginning August 21, 2020 volunteers may access gsLearn by selecting “myGS” on our website, choosing the “gsLearn” link, logging into their myGS account when prompted, and selecting “gsLearn” on the landing page. This will direct you to your gsLearn dashboard.

What happens if I am unable to access gsLearn?

If you encounter difficulties accessing gsLearn, please contact the Answer Center at or 314.400.4600.

Will I still be able to access online training courses directly from the GSEM website without logging into myGS?

No. Starting September 1, 2020, online courses that were once available on our website may only be accessed in gsLearn.

Can I take a course in gsLearn using someone else’s myGS account?

No. Adult members who do not have a myGS account are not able to access gsLearn. Course completions are tracked in gsLearn according to a volunteer’s myGS username (which is their email address). A completed course will only be tracked in gsLearn for the owner of that myGS username.

Can older girls access training on gsLearn?

At this time, girl members are not able to access gsLearn. Seniors and Ambassadors who wish to take certification courses should register through the Answer Center.

My spouse and I share an email address, but we are both volunteers that need to complete training in gsLearn. How can we do that if only one member can be connected to an email address in gsLearn?

This problem will be resolved in the Council’s new member data system because each member is now required to have a distinct email address.  Contact the Answer Center to make sure that you and your spouse no longer share an email address, and to provide a new email address for one of you.  New member information is uploaded to gsLearn weekly, and at that time a new gsLearn user account will be created for the spouse with the new email address.

Platform Settings and Navigation

How do I get back to the GSEM website from gsLearn?

Select “myGS” in the green navigation pane to exit gsLearn and return to the myGS landing page on our website.

Why can’t I find GSEM’s live courses when I select “Live Sessions” in the green navigation pane?

The Live Sessions feature in gsLearn is currently not enabled. We hope to utilize this function in the future for live virtual courses that do not require payment. Until then, all live courses may be found in the Content Library.

Why don’t the live courses I registered for show up in the calendar on my gsLearn dashboard?

This calendar is tied to the Live Sessions feature, which is currently not enabled.

My email address has changed. Should I update that information in gsLearn?

No. Never adjust your email address or username in your gsLearn settings. Please contact the Answer Center to make these changes. Any changes made to your gsLearn profile will not be reflected in your Membership profile and could create gsLearn access issues.

I just changed my password for myGS. Should I update that information in gsLearn?

No. Even though passwords are mentioned in the gsLearn profile settings, our Council does not use that function. gsLearn itself does not require a password for user access. It uses the Single Sign-In through myGS as its only point of access for volunteers.

Why can I not find a course when I search for it in the Content Library search bar?

There are several reasons why you might be unable to find a course you are searching for:

  • You are searching for a course, but have Learning Paths selected as the filter. Change the filter to Courses and search again. Vice-versa if searching for a learning path but are only seeing courses (or nothing at all).
  • Re-check that you are using the correct course title. You might be searching using a module or learning path title instead of the course title.
  • There is a menu on the left to help you filter the Content Library by topic. You may have accidentally selected a filter in that menu, which limits what you can see in the Content Library. Make sure that no topics are selected in the filter menu before you use the search bar.
Learning Content

What is a learning path?

A learning path is a collection of related courses on a broad topic or showing a progression of learning (example: Camping Skills or New Troop Leader).

How do I know what courses I should take in gsLearn?

Some courses may be assigned to you in gsLearn by virtue of your volunteer role (Troop Leader, Neighborhood Manager, Cookie Manager, etc.). These will be found directly on your gsLearn dashboard. Occasionally a course assigned to you might be mandatory and/or have a time limit for completion (example: New Troop Leader Training), but most courses are available to you without conditions.

You may also browse the Content Library for courses and learning paths you might want to take. In the Content Library, they may be filtered by category or topic, or searched if you know the name of the course. The Content Library also contains Movement-wide courses and learning paths created by GSUSA that could enhance your learning experience. To find the specific dates and times of upcoming live virtual or in-person courses, please refer to Lead and Learn.

Is gsLearn the point of registration for live courses?

Not exactly. When you open a live course in gsLearn (meaning an in-person or live virtual course), you will encounter a link to register for the course. Follow that link to the registration page on our website to register (and pay any associated costs) in the same way that you would normally register for Adult Education courses.

Can I cancel a registration for a live course in gsLearn?

No. All course cancellations should be handled through the Answer Center.

I should be assigned to a course because of my volunteer role, but it’s not on my gsLearn dashboard. What should I do?

When this happens, it is usually because your role is not yet linked to you in gsLearn. To take the desired course, search for it in the Content Library. If course assignments are frequently missing from your dashboard, email Adult Education at

How do I find learning content from GSUSA?

To find the Movement-wide learning opportunities produced by GSUSA, go to the Content Library, select either Courses or Learning Paths, and search for “GSUSA” in the search bar. All GSUSA course names begin with “GSUSA”, while all GSEM course names begin with our Council number “548”.

I accidentally opened a course and now it will not leave my dashboard.  What should I do?

When you open a course and begin the first module, you are then enrolled in that course and it will show up on your gsLearn dashboard until you complete it.  If you inadvertently start a course and do not wish to complete it, simply open the course again and select “Unenroll” in the area at the top of the window, just below the course description.

Several resources to download are mentioned in the online course I just completed, but I cannot find them anywhere. What should I do?

Any resources mentioned in a course may be found in the Additional References tab when you open the course (but before you start a module)  If a resource was mentioned as being included in the course, but is missing from the Additional References area, please contact Adult Education at

The course I am taking in gsLearn is not working as it should. What should I do?

If a portion of a course is not working as expected, or if there appears to be a system glitch, please contact the Answer Center. When glitches do occur, they are often due to Wi-Fi or internet instability. Try these solutions first to see if they fix your problem:

  • Reset your Wi-Fi router, or reestablish Wi-Fi connection if using a smartphone
  • If Wi-Fi is stable, make sure you can access the internet through the Wi-Fi connection (especially if using public Wi-Fi)
  • If using phone/tablet data instead of Wi-Fi, make sure your signal is consistently strong
  • Other potential solutions:
    • Simply leave and re-access gsLearn
    • Exit your internet browser, clear browser cache, then re-access gsLearn
    • If using a smartphone, switch to a desktop/laptop
    • Try using Chrome as your internet browser if using a different browser
Course Tracking

Will I be able to see all of my previously completed courses?

Every effort will be made to have an accurate record of each learner’s essential course completions and certifications available to view in gsLearn, based on current data.  However, adding those records will take time and we thank you for your patience as we continue to upload records over the coming months.

I took a CPR/AED class outside of GSEM. Can that also be tracked in gsLearn?

Yes. You may upload completion certificates for courses not taken through GSEM to gsLearn through the External Learning tab in Achievements. Your external courses will be viewable in Achievements separately from your regular gsLearn course completions.

How are live courses tracked in gsLearn?

After the completion of a live course, volunteers are asked to return to that course in gsLearn and complete the confirmation module (the module following the course registration link). Course participation will then be verified by Adult Education and the course will be marked as complete.

I completed a live course recently, but I can’t find it in the Achievements section. Where is it?

If you are unable to find a recently completed live course, check these two things:

  • You may not have gone back to the live course in gsLearn to complete the confirmation module.
  • The course’s confirmation module may be waiting for verification by Adult Education.

Each live course completion must be manually verified in gsLearn by Adult Education before it is marked as complete. This process could take 1-2 business days.

How do I print my course completion certificate?

To download and print your certificate after completing a course, select Achievements in the green navigation pane, find the course in the list, and the option to print the certificate should be on the far right side of the list of completed courses.