G.I.R.L. Trep Weekend
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G.I.R.L. Trep Weekend

Fri Jan 17, 9:00 AM - Mon Jan 20, 5:00 PM
Cookies and Fall Product
Brownie, Cadette, Daisy, Junior, Senior, Ambassador

Celebrate the power of the Girl Scout Cookie Program by participating in the first ever G.I.R.L. Trep Weekend (an eastern Missouri Girl Scout Cookie Program Entrepreneurial enterprise) January 17-20! This weekend-long celebration is an opportunity for all our region’s go-getters to connect with friends, neighbors and community members in person while developing those essential life skills of Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics!

Our girls have big goals and with new assets like our Digital Cookie Notices and Business Branding Toolkit, they'll be able to get their Cookie businesses off the ground and soaring to new heights during G.I.R.L. Trep Weekend .

Tips for a Successful G.I.R.L. Trep Weekend:
Here's a brand new checklist/toolkit to help our girls reach those goals and Wow the World with their Girl Scout Cookie business! 

  • Girls can use the Business Branding Toolkit to supercharge their Cookie marketing efforts.
  • When going door to door, girls can leave a Digital Cookie Notice for customers so they can order from Digital Cookie sites even if they've missed their in-person order.
  • Girls should practice their Cookie pitch to help them soar when out and about for G.I.R.LTrep Weekend on January 17-20! 
  • If your Girl Scout is using Clover Go to accept credit card payments, be sure she has her Clover Go sign with her. 
  • Promote the Win a Free Year of Cookies contest and bring along entry forms.

Looking for more inspiration? Watch and see just how powerful the Cookie Program can be for these young entrepreneurs: