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Ways to Camp

As a Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri member, you have access to Day, Resident and Troop Camp options that offer their own brand of adventure and innovative programs. When a Girl Scout participates in camp, she has room to explore, play and grow while finding her strengths and challenging herself as she navigates activities on the water, at the campsite and along the trail. Our expert staff and trained volunteers will be there every step of the way cheering her on and offering guidance. Whether this is your girl’s first camp experience or she has already mastered some outdoor skills, she is sure to find her perfect fit!

Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls, with a research-proven program that helps them cultivate important skills they need to be the leader in their own lives and the world. At Girl Scout Camp, girls learn and grow in a safe, all-girl environment, discovering who they are and connecting with others. With a wide range of activities and experiences, camp provides every girl a place where she can practice new skills, take on leadership positions and even feel allowed to fail, dust herself off, get up and try again.


Camp builds confidence and character 
Outdoor experiences promote social development and increase self-esteem.


Camp introduces girls to new experiences
At camp, girls have the opportunity to develop brand new skills, like fire building and knot tying. These skills stay with a girl for life!


Camp builds problem-solvers
Girls with frequent outdoor experiences are more likely to seek challenges and are better at solving problems.