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Important update on camp and heat advisory

At Girl Scouts we are always prepared!

The safety and well-being of our girls, volunteers and staff are our number one priority. Our trained rangers and camp staff are working hand-in-hand to monitor the forecast as a heat advisory has been issued for our Council area. We have made the following accommodations to our camp program and schedule.

  • Activities are moved to the shade when possible, slower-paced activities are planned and offered
  • Horseback riding at Camp Cedarledge happens in the morning for most campers, our “Advanced Wranglers in Training” have lessons late in the evening
  • Misting stations are set up at Camp Tuckaho
  • Campers have a siesta every afternoon and are encouraged to quietly rest
  • Campers swim in the afternoon
  • Ice water is offered at each meal and activity stations throughout camp, Gatorade is offered in the afternoon, campers are encouraged to drink fluids and stay well hydrated
  • Campers who are showing signs of being affected by the heat will be treated by our Health Staff

If there are any weather forecast changes, we will immediately notify parents or guardians. However, we want to reassure you that we are using the utmost care to ensure each camper’s safety at all times.

If you have additional concerns you would like to address regarding our Girl Scout camp experience, please email our Answer Center or call 314.592.2300 and someone will determine how to best route your inquiry.