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Add a girl, change her life. Add a friend, change yours!

Help make it possible for more girls in our community to become Girl Scouts by pledging to add one or more girls, or one or more adult volunteers to your troop! Girls can also get in on the fun and take the pledge to invite a friend to join their troop!

And of course, we have cute patches you and your girls can earn! Adults who take the pledge and add a girl member or adult volunteer to their troop will receive a free pair of silver Add-A-Friend patches, and girls who take the pledge and have a friend join their troop will receive a free pair of gold Add-A-Friend patches. These adorable mementos will be a special reminder of how inviting a friend to join Girl Scouts can truly change lives.

We're excited to announce another fun incentive for adding a friend to your troop: pizza parties! For every friend added, girl or adult, your troop will get one entry into your district's drawing. Winners of each district's drawing will receive a troop meeting pizza party lead by a special Girl Scout staffer: (drum roll, please! ) COO Jessica Erfling, Camp Ranger Mike Horn or Camp Ranger Rick Heidbrier! We'll bring the pizza and fun, you and your Girl Scouts just show up hungry! 

You must take the pledge to be eligible to earn patches and be entered into your district's drawing. So take the pledge, add some friends to your troop and start brainstorming what Girl Scout songs you want to sing at your pizza party!