Video Resources

Videos are available from the Emerson Resource Center at the St. Louis Service Center. Some videos reference Safety-Wise, which has been replaced by the Safety Activity Checkpoints.

Campfires and Pressurized Fuels

Effective immediately, Campfires and Pressurized Fuels certification is no longer required for the use of pressurized fuel lanterns or stoves at a Girl Scout activity. A First Aid Certified volunteer must still be present.

Utilize this course to

  • Prepare for other Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri adult education courses that involve outdoor cooking
  • Increase your own comfort level with outdoor cooking

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Creative Outdoor Cooking

  • Make a box oven, vagabond stove and buddy burner
  • Take Dutch oven cooking to the next level, literally, by stacking several and cooking different foods simultaneously
  • Cook foods using a clay flower pot or an insulated container

This video also includes sections on:

  • Observing Leave No Trace principles when cooking outdoors
  • Handling meats safely

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Basic Outdoor Cooking skills

Get a head start on Troop Camp A-Z, Basic Campcraft Skills or other outdoor courses.

  • Introduce your troop to outdoor cooking skills
  • Increase your comfort level with outdoor cooking
  • Learn about six different types of outdoor food preparation, including foil packs, pie irons and Dutch ovens
  • Learn about equipment needed, advantages and tips for food preparation
  • Learn about cooking with charcoal
  • Learn about knife safety
  • Learn about safety precautions for all types of cooking

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Basic Knots and Hitches

Learn these knots and hitches before you take Troop Camp A-Z.

  • Learn how to tie three knots: square knot, sheet bend and bowline
  • Learn how to tie three hitches: half hitch, clove hitch and taut line hitch

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