Learning Facilitators

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is privileged to have experienced volunteers who use their skills and talent to bring learning opportunities to other adult Girl Scouts.

Learning Facilitators are volunteers who choose to share their experience and knowledge to help other volunteers have a successful Girl Scout experience.

If you have an expertise or special interest and enjoy sharing your enthusiasm, you may want to consider joining this group of dedicated volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often would I be asked to facilitate?
Facilitators decide how often they provide courses and how they fit this responsibility into their personal and professional calendars.

Who decides what courses I facilitate?
Learning Facilitators are encouraged to provide instruction in courses that are most needed and requested by our volunteer leaders. A variety of workshops that utilize individual talents, interests and skills are frequently incorporated into localized events and special training days.

Do I write the courses myself?
Learning Facilitators are given comprehensive manuals or outlines, which include all the background information necessary to facilitate the courses, along with suggested methods.

How do I find out more?
Talk to your District Education Manager, Neighborhood Education Promoter or contact a Volunteer Education Coordinator at the Girl Scout Service Center.

Interested in becoming a Learning Facilitator?
Complete Orientation to the District Education Team (listed in the Lead & Learn) or complete a Request for Waiver of Orientation if you have previous experience in education.