Leader Prep Courses

Courses essential to the success of a Troop

Find out what you need to know to work with a troop.

Leader Prep courses: 

  • Are required for all new leaders and assistant leaders
  • Introduce you to the basics of Girl Scouting – the Mission, Promise and Law
  • Tell you who to contact for support
  • Show you how Girl Scouting encourages girls to Discover themselves, Connect to others, and Take Action to make the world a better place
  • Give you the basics of how to manage a troop
  • Guide you in creating a safe environment for girls
  • Help you plan meetings

Courses in the Leader Prep Series:

  • Girl Scouting 101 
    • NOTE: Choose “Eastern Missouri” for Council name
    • There isn’t a completion letter. Participation is recorded in a central database
    • NOTE: This class works best in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Welcome to Eastern Missouri

Note: As stated on page 49 of the spring 2015 Lead & Learn the new Leader Prep Series will be:

  • GS101
  • Welcome to Eastern Missouri
  • Troop Leader Training