Certificates of Insurance

A COI (Certificate of Insurance) is a form provided by the operator of a program site, excluding sites owned by Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri (Eastern Missouri), which identifies a specified amount of coverage the insured holds in various categories, e.g. commercial general liability, automobile, professional liability and workers compensation.

How to obtain a COI and what should be included on the COI.
At least 2 weeks prior to the event, contact the appropriate person at the program site and  request a COI.

The COI must be issued to Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.
If you plan to use this vendor on a recurring basis, please request that the COI be reissued automatically each year when the policy is renewed. By doing so, the insurance company will automatically send an updated COI   to Eastern Missouri.

Who should COIs be submitted to?
If you need a COI from Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri please contact your Volunteer Service Coordinator or staff advisor to make the request.