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Long Range Propery Plan

Approved long-range property plan:

Committee work underway:
In November of 2007, a Long-Range Property Plan Committee was formed to develop a plan to meet the needs and interests of members now and in the future. The subcommittee will research and develop strategies and make recommendations related to camp program, facility usage, marketing efforts and property acquisition that could involve development and/or sale of existing property.

The Long-Range Property Plan Subcommittee is chaired by Gaye Rieschel, Camp Committee Chair. Members of the committee include Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri staff and volunteers as well as representatives from community organizations that serve youth. There are three subcommittees that are responsible for coming up with recommendations related to property, program and marketing.

Girl Scouts, parents, camp volunteers and seasonal and Council staff received surveys to gain information, insights and perceptions about Council camps, program and facilities. In addition, the Council surveyed a sample group of girls and adults residing within the jurisdiction to gather information and insights from their perspective. The results of this survey are being used by the subcommittees as they prepare recommendations that will be sent to the Camp Committee and Board of Directors.

The merger of the Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis and Girl Scouts of the Becky Thatcher Area presents Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri with an excellent opportunity to look at ways to facilitate access to outdoor program and property by all members. With the new jurisdiction encompassing 28 counties and 15,700 square miles in eastern Missouri, the Council hopes to develop a plan that will build upon the Master Plan of the former greater St. Louis Council and make recommendations that will take the Council into the next 10 years. Austin Tao and Associates and The Lawrence Group were hired to work in tandem with the Long-Range Property Plan committee and prepare the Master Plan document.

More Information
For more information on the Long-Range Property plan, please contact Jennifer Morgan, 314.592.2363, or