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S'more Summer Fun

S'more Summer Fun

S'more Summer Fun 2014

Girl Scout Camp is an opportunity for laughter, friendship and new adventures. Camping gives girls an experience different from home life and teaches self-reliance and self-confidence. S’more Summer Fun has all the information you need for a great camping experience. From Day Camps to equestrian programs, there is s’more to be excited about!

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Summer Programs

Program Grades Description
Enchanted Forest 1-5 Discover the world of fairies and princesses at Camp Cedarledge.
Super Girl Academy 1-5 Create your own superhero identity, discover your own super power and participate in a fun superhero fitness challenge.
Paddle Animals 3-5 Develop various paddling strokes to control your canoe, learn skills to have fun and stay safe on the water and play “Capture the Flag” on the lake.
Be Legendary 3-5 Channel the strength of ancient Greek Gods, embark on epic quests, track lost treasure and discover the fascinating myths and legends.
Missouri Explorers 3-5 Explore Missouri’s different traditions and discover some of the famous people who called Missouri home.
Digital Photographer 3-5 Learn how to capture the moment and create interesting picture compositions with your own digital camera.
Camp Hero 3-7 Experience the adventures of First Responders through hands on activities, learn self-defense moves and practice basic wilderness first aid.
Camp Percy 5-7 Team up with your house to explore the world of monsters and Greek Gods, choose your quest and work with fellow campers to meet fun and exciting challenges.
Kitchen Chemistry 5-9 Learn basic principles about chemistry and how it’s involved in several kitchen processes by missing up various concoctions and baking your own bread.
Kid Kare II 7-9 Build on your babysitting skills, become a more confident babysitter and earn certification in American Red Cross First Aid & CPR.
Wrangler Apprentice 10 – 11 An apprenticeship program for girls who’ve completed Advanced Wrangler-In-Training and want to continue their horse knowledge and skills.

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