Participate as a Non-Troop Girl Scout

We are the premier leadership organization for girls in kindergarten through 12th grade. Girl Scout Juliettes is an opportunity for girl membership when belonging to a troop is not an option. Juliettes work on badges and awards with the support and guidance of a parent or guardian.

Girl Scouts builds character, confidence and courage.

Girl Scouts Discover interests, Connect with others and Take Action to direct change.

Girl Scouts teach girls to learn to lead, take responsibility, make good decisions and care about others.

Additional non-troop pathways include participating in an event or series, attending camp, and/or travel.

Links to some other Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri programs we offer include:

Project Anti-Violence Education -

We offer PAVE and TUF through schools. If you do not attend a school where these programs are offered, then you cannot participate.

  • Related to PAVE is our new program, Transform UR Future, or TUF

Robotics -

Techbridge - 

Other reasons to join Girl Scouts

  • Girls explore a big, exciting world in ways not experienced before
  • Girls discover how to use their own special talents to make the world a better place
  • Girls expand their horizons and discover their strengths and passions
  • Girls learn how to develop healthy and lasting relationships
  • Girls navigate possibilities and network with others to gain new insight into colleges and careers
  • Girls venture out  in fun and challenging experiences of travel, self-discovery, entrepreneurship and travel