Be a Friend First

Be a Friend First

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Middle school is a crucial time of transition and adjustment and is also when bullying behavior tends to peak, making these years the most important time to promote core values and develop critical, social and leadership skills.

We now offer an innovative bullying-prevention initiative for middle school–aged girls. BFF (Be a Friend First) is based on the Girl Scouts of the USA’s national leadership curriculum and is designed to help girls develop healthy relationship skills, understand relational aggression and learn about conflict resolution and bully prevention.

We know that girl bullying looks different than boys’; it often involves teasing, exclusion and cruel behavior in social media forums, all of which are harder for adults to notice. The consequences are just as devastating; girls who are targeted have higher rates of depression, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse and suicide.

Rather than addressing or punishing bullying behavior after it happens, BFF gives girls the social and leadership skills necessary to prevent it in the first place.

To bring BFF to your school or organization, please contact Colleen Daum at 314.592.2314 or