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Girls Go Techbridge

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri offers five, fun, hands-on engineering programs-in-a-box to its members.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Introduce engaging science and engineering hands-on activities to girls to develop technical skills and increase girls’ confidence levels
  • Increase girls’ knowledge of and interest in science and engineering careers through career activities and role models
  • Build leaders’ confidence in leading and bringing science and engineering activities to their girls
  • Provide resources to families to help encourage girls in science and engineering

Make it Green

Learn about green design and in the process, develop science and engineering skills. Girls will construct a green studio from start to finish – from brainstorming an idea, to creating a floor plan, to building “green.” Through smaller activities, girls will explore and reflect on their energy usage in their home and consider ways in which they can change their habits to lessen their environmental impact.

Power it Up

Learn about electronics and circuitry through a series of hands-on investigations. Girls will begin with exploration of Snap CircuitsTM, learn about basic electronic components and build different kinds of circuits. Rounding out this unit, girls will learn how to solder and put their skills to action, making an Electric Game Board and Tilt Lantern that they can take home.

Design Time

Survival skills meet science as girls design water filters, wind-powered cranks, a message-carrying car and safe shelter for a make-believe camping trip in Yellowstone National Park. After an earthquake strikes the fictional campground, electrical power, food and water source are unavailable. Girls will you get out of this predicament by applying their engineering, problem-solving and design savvy.

Engineers to the Rescue

Girl Scout leadership programs enhance girls’ knowledge in areas of relationship building, effective communication and self-expression.


Welcome to a crazy carnival of your troop's creation. Explore simple machines all around. Build a merry-go-round, a bean-bag toss and a race car. Levers, pulleys, screws and gears abound as girls engineer the ultimate playground.

Why Role Models Matter

Research shows that role models are important for expanding career options and exposing girls to STEM careers. Through a partnership with Girls Go Techbridge, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri now offers STEM Role Model Training.  Let us know how we can bring this training to your business, school or organization.

For more information contact Peggy Maull 314.592.2398 or Michelle Johnson 314.592.2344