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Seasons of Giving

Imagine Thanksgiving with no turkey on the table, picture Christmas without a holiday feast or envision Wednesdays with only one meal. Because donated food and other items are needed year-round in the community, Girl Scouts makes an impact through its Seasons of Giving program.

Community service is an integral part of being a Girl Scout that provides girls with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and practice teamwork as well as empowering girls to make changes in the community.

Girl Scouts have the opportunity to meet many community needs by participating in the annual Council-wide personal care item drive, April Showers, and giving service to Council- and District-assigned agencies.

These agencies depend on the assistance we provide through tangible gifts lovingly made or purchased with troop funds.It is also time given in visiting, entertaining or writing to the young and old.

Besides Seasons of Giving, people may donate through two other avenues:

Troop to Troop

People are encouraged to Take Action in their communities and participate in Troop to Troop, which allows customers to buy Girl Scout Cookies then donate them to the USO of Missouri, Inc. or another charitable organization of the troop’s choice.

In 2013, more than 36,000 Girl Scout Cookie packages went to the USO, thanks to the generosity of Girl Scout customers.

Project Thank You

In Project Thank You, which is part of our Fall Product Program, a $5 donation will send one can of Ashdon Farms product to the USO. In addition, $5 donations will provide military personnel with magazine subscriptions for one year

In 2012, Girl Scouts in Eastern Missouri gave more than 1,000,000 hours of service valued at more than $22 million to make the community a better place.


The Seasons of Giving Council-wide service began in 1922, when the Children’s Aid Society asked Girl Scout Troop #10 to provide dolls as Christmas gifts.

Initially called the Girl Scout Festival of Giving, it took place at Christmas with a huge gathering.

The festival site used a variety of locations, starting with the Girl Scout Service Center and the St. Louis Arena from 1957-1963.

The festival grew so much that it was eventually decentralized and held at the District and Neighborhood levels as a year-round service to the Girl Scout community.

In 1996, the Girl Scout Festival of Giving was renamed Girl Scout Seasons of Giving to reflect the 12-month commitment of Girl Scouts serving more than 1,000 agencies and thousands of individuals.

How to Participate

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri encourages all Girl Scouts to participate in service activities. Each year, Seasons of Giving packets are distributed to troops. Girl Scout troop/groups have the opportunity to provide service to:
  • Council-wide agencies (Group 1)
  • District-wide agencies (Group 2)
  • Agencies of their choice (Group 3)

The packet also contains information on how to report their troop/group service beginning October 1 and continuing year round.  

Report Service

Report Troop/Group Service >

Please contact Kathy White at or 314.592.3289 if you have questions about online reporting or have Seasons of Giving reports that were not entered by the deadline.