Lifesaving Award

Lifesaving awards have been a part of the Girl Scouting program since Girl Scouting began in the United States in 1912.

The awards recognize Girl Scouts from 5 to 17 years of age, where evidence presented in accordance with prescribed regulations show that she saved or attempted to save a life under circumstances that indicate heroism.

A Lifesaving Bronze Cross is given for saving life or attempting to save life with risk to the candidate's own life. A Lifesaving Medal of Honor is given for saving life or attempting to save a life without risk to the candidate's own life. Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri has presented 13 Lifesaving Awards to local Girl Scouts since 1981.

Lifesaving Award Honorees

Bronze Cross

  • Alexis Becker, April 2011, rescued her elderly neighbor from a house fire
  • Sara Miller, January 1997, saved cousin who was in car rolling toward busy street
  • Stacey Thomeczek, February 1987, saved boy from drowning when several adults failed
  • Lisa Bendel, March 1982, saved sister from drowning

Medal of Honor

  • Alexandra Ripper, February 2009, performed Heimlich Maneuver on cousin  
  • Samantha Kay Schwegmann, June 2008, saved 2-year-old boy from drowning
  • Courtney Dean, July 2003, saved 4-year-old girl from drowning
  • Amber Shanise Adams, November 2001, saved cousin in swimming pool
  • Hallie Miller, July 1999, saved father who fell into paper compactor  
  • Karen Lambrechts, January 1992, pool rescue of cousin  
  • Jenny Gustafson, May 1990, alerted neighbors and called 911 when grandmother went into shock
  • Libby Fete, September, 1986, backyard pool rescue of neighbor child
  • Anne Langhorst, June 1981, saved man in restaurant with the Heimlich Maneuver
Applications for Lifesaving Awards must be requested within 60 days of the incident and submitted within six months after the accident occurred.

For more information or to request an application, contact Lynne Caldwell at 314.592.2360 or