Girl Scout Silver Award

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest national award a Girl Scout Cadette, grades 6-8, may earn.

Earning the Girl Scout Silver Award offers a girl the chance to show that she is a leader who is organized, determined and dedicated to improving her community.

The Girl Scout Silver Award is earned by an individual or small team of 2-4 girls and requires each girl to complete a suggested minimum of 50 hours on a Silver Award Take Action Project. This is not a troop earned award.


Girls who have completed their Girl Scout Silver Award project between March 1 of one year and March 1 of the next year may be recognized at the Council-wide Reflections Ceremony in June. A Girl Scout Silver Award certificate is presented by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri at that time.

To be recognized at the Reflections Ceremony, the Troop Leader must submit the Troop/Group/Juliettes Report form by March 1. Forms received after March 1, the girls will be recognized at the following year ceremony.

Invitations to the Reflections Ceremony are sent in April. RSVP must be returned by May 1.

Troop/Group/District or Neighborhood may present the Girl Scout Silver Award Pin, purchased by the troop, in a special ceremony or as part of the Bridging Ceremony.

The Girl Scout Silver Award Process


  • Complete a Girl Scout Cadette Leadership Journey

There are three Cadette Journeys to choose from:

  • It’s Your World – Change It! (aMAZE)
  • It’s Your Planet – Love It! (Breathe)
  • It’s Your Story – Tell It! (MEdia)

A Leadership Journey may take 6-8 months to complete and includes a Community Take Action Project that relates to the theme of the Journey.

Upon completion of prerequisite:
  • Identify issues you care about
  • Build your Girl Scout Silver Award team or decide to go solo
  • Explore your community
  • Pick your Take Action project
  • Develop your project
  • Make a plan and put it into motion
  • Reflect, share your story and celebrate

The Girl Scout Silver Award Project can address any issue. Girls move beyond the Girl Scout community to improve their neighborhood or local community and put the Girl Scout Promise and Law into action.

The Girl Scout Silver Award is approved by the Girl Scout Troop/Group Leader.

Upon completion of your Girl Scout Silver Award project:

  • Submit the Cadette Girl Scout Silver Award Girl Report
  • Leader submits the Troop/Group/Juliettes Report by March 1 and purchases the Girl Scout Silver Award Pin


Girls who have completed 10 years in Girl Scouting are recognized with a certificate from the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri documenting a girl’s commitment to Girl Scouting.

To receive a 10-year certificate, fill out the Milestones Request form and mail by March 1 to Girl Scout Silver Award Staff Advisor.