It is not too late to become a #GirlsWithPower! Girls grades 9 to 12 are invited to explore this year’s exciting program options, including team-building at Adrenaline Zone, speed racing, chatting with a supermodel and other experiential opportunities. This program is designed to prepare you for college, the real world and your future! 

This unique and fun series is designed to help you become your own Most Valuable Player. #GirlsWithPower are capable of leading their communities and getting others to tackle big issues. By getting involved with this program, you get to: 

  • Develop team-building skills 
  • Network with other girls and adults 
  • Participate in leadership-development activities while having fun 
  • Receive exposure to our focus areas: STEM, Money Management and Health 
  • Meet with amazing female professional mentors 

Join Now and Mark Your Calendar for:

  • Feb. 21: $30
  • April 24-April 25: $50 

Contact: Mary Ann Owens, 314.592.2396, mowens@girlscoutsem.org