Troop Camp Openings

September19 - 212014CedarledgeTents,Border Village
September19 - 212014FiddlecreekHappy Acres, Pleasant Valley, Hill and Dale, Glen and Vale
September19 - 212014TuckahoCovered Wagons,Merry Oaks,Log Cabins,Maple Grove
September26 - 282014CedarledgeTents,Cabins
September26 - 282014FiddlecreekPleasant Valley, Hill and Dale, Glen and Vale, Hilltop
September26 - 282014TuckahoTents,Cabins,Yurts,Tuck West
October3 - 52014CedarledgeTents,Boulder Ledges
October3 - 52014FiddlecreekPleasant Valley,Glen & Vale
October10 - 122014TuckahoPersimmon Patach,Merry Oaks,Log Cabins,Frontier Village,Maple Grove,Boones Loft,Tuck West
October17 - 192014CedarledgeTents,Border Ledges
October17 - 192014FiddlecreekPleasant Valley, Hill and Dale, Glen and Vale
October17 - 192014TuckahoDogwood Dell, Persimmon Patch
October24 - 242014CedarledgeTents,Manor House
October24 - 262014FiddlecreekHill and Dale, Glen and Vale
October24 - 262014TuckahoTents,The Village,Maple Grove,Tuck East
September12-142014TuckahoTents, Cabins, Lodges
November7-92014CedarledgeTents,Cabins,Manor House,Bright Star
November7-92014TuckahoTents and Cabins
December12-142014CedarledgeBright Star,Manor H,Petite C,Wohl
December19-212014CedarledgeBright Star,,Petite C,Wohl
December19-212014FiddlecreekGaylord and Sequoia
December12-142014TuckahoBoones Loft,Sacajawea,Tuck East and Tuck West
December19-212014TuckahoBoones Loft,Carver House,Sacajawea,Tuck E & West
January9-112015CedarledgeBright Star & Luckystone
January16-182015CedarledgeManor House,Wohl Lodge
January23-252015CedarledgeBright Star,Wohl
January30-February 12015CedarledgeBright Star,Luckystone Lodge,Manor House,Petite Chalet
February6-82015CedarledgeBright Star,Luckystone Lodge &Petite Chalet
February13-152015CedarledgeBright Star,Luckystone,Manor House & Petite Chalet
February20-212015CedarledgeManor House & Petite Chalet
February27-March12015CedarledgeBright Star,Luckystone Lodge,Manor House & Petite Chalet
February13-152015FiddlecreekGaylord & Sequoia
February13-152015TuckahoCarver House & Sacajawea
February20-222015TuckahoCarver House & Sacajawea
February27-March 12015TuckahoCarver House & Sacajawea
March13-152015CedarledgeManor House, Gail's Place
March20-222015CedarledgeManor House
March27-292015CedarledgeManor House
February27-March12015TuckahoCarver House & Sacajawea

Troop Camp Pull Changes

Registrations for the fall, spring/summer and winter camping are placed through the Troop Camp Pull. The Troop Camp Pull is a lottery system conducted by volunteers to place camp applicants in the fairest manner possible. It is important that the troop lists an adult who will available by phone on the date of the Troop Camp Pull and who is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the troop in case there is a date or location conflict when the troop’s application is pulled. Volunteers will only call if there is a date or location conflict.

The results of the pull are available approximately 2 weeks after the pull date.  A packet confirming the date, camp and unit assigned will be mailed to the troop.

After the lottery, all remaining available campsite openings will be posted on this website. Postings change weekly, so check back often!

Application for Troop Camping at Council-Owned Camps (C-9)

Mail all applications for the Troop Camp Pull to:

Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
Attn: Troop Camp Pull
PO Box 795226
St Louis MO 63179-0795

To ensure that the application is received in time to be included in the pull, please make sure you have the application postmarked by the following dates:

Pull Season Postmark Deadline Pull Date
Winter Pull (Nov 1 – March 31) Sept 1, 2014 Sept 10, 2014
Spring/Summer (April 1 – Aug 31) February 1, 2014 February 12, 2014
Fall Pull (for Sept 1 – Oct 31) May 1, 2014 May 14, 2014

If you have questions, please contact Kathy Kahn at 314-592-2368.