Outdoor Adventure Programs

Build team spirit, improve communication, inspire ingenuity and develop resourcefulness by participating in FUN and challenging low- and high-ropes course activities. In this extraordinary, interactive learning environment, campers are faced with decision-making situations that can be stimulating both mentally and physically as they navigate obstacles both on the ground and in the trees at the Outdoor Adventure Course (OAC).

Participants must be at least 12 years old and in the sixth grade or older. The OAC is offered as an Individual OAC Challenge, Advanced OAC Challenge and Troop OAC Challenge.

Advanced OAC Challenge

Loved the Outdoor Adventure Course the first time around and want to try it again? Take it to a whole new level by participating in the Advanced OAC Challenge. During this program, girls from throughout the Council will get to try the low and high rope elements again but in new and challenging ways. There will also be a unique overnight camping experience included. Girls do not have to be a member of a troop to participate and campers will be supervised by trained adult OAC instructors throughout the weekend. Fee includes cost of food and program supplies. This program is offered in the fall seasons only.

Dates: Fall 2014 (See Fall Lead & Learn)
Check-in: 6 pm Fri.
Check-out: 11 am Sun.
Camp Tuckaho, Troy 63379
$45 per girl
Prerequisite: OAC Program Completion

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